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YOU ARE READING Fanfiction Who knew a Gamer and monster and a human could be friends? Like how a single game could change your life a single monster could change your life as well It was just a small meet up to her But to him it was way more You were focused on the screen. You focused your scope on the last remaining enemy. You jumped up from your seat and screamed into your mic. "Heh I guess your right Get Rektkids27" The other person or Monster told you as their teammates yelled "hacker! You were put in a random battle full of 9 and 10 year olds.

Your headphones on the highest sound setting,blocking out any outside noises. " A gruff sigh in defeat was heard on the other side.

They more matured and likes to make fun of the kids who lose.

You got a notification on the bottom of the screen saying you have two friend requests.

There are only three issues in a woman that concern me: she plays games, doesn't hate weed, and doesn't believe in any supernatural religion.

Other then those she doesn't have to match up with my interests.

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