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And when they become parents, they often choose staying in the relationship with the harmful narcissist over protecting their children.

Typically, codependents give of themselves much more than their partners give in return.

As “generous” but bitter dance partners, they find themselves perpetually stuck on the dance floor, always waiting for the “next song,” at which time they naively hope that their partner will finally understand their needs; but, sadly, it never happens.

Codependents by nature are giving, sacrificing and consumed with the needs and desires of others.

In fact, they go to extraordinary measures to stop, mitigate or buffer the narcissist’s harm or abuse of the children.

Despite their best intentions, they are unable to stop the resulting disregard and/or mistreatment that everyone in the family is forced to endure, except, of course, for the offending narcissist.

Assessment, diagnostic, theoretical and personally and professionally relevant clinical direction and information will be included.

With an understanding of this “magnetic” relationship force, psychotherapeutic efforts can be more focused and effective. Ed., LCPC, CADC, CSAT has been a psychotherapist since 1988.

He is a professional trainer, consultant, and a certified addiction and sex addiction specialist.

Ross owns Clinical Care Consultants, a counseling center in Arlington Heights, and Advanced Clinical Trainers.

When a caretaking woman feels the chemistry bliss over her narcissistic romantic man (or vice versa), it is not because of any similarities she shares with him.

Rather it is due to the activation of unconscious psychological attraction mechanisms that recognize a perfect “dancing partner” who makes her heart skip a beat or two.

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