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Our caring and experienced clinical staff provides the emotional, physical and spiritual healing necessary to identify the core issues that underlie the addiction and in turn create an extraordinary life of productive, balanced sober living. Here are the levels of care we offer to clients: Medical Detoxification When a client comes in for an assessment, our Assessment Coordinator screens the individual in order to determine whether a medical detoxification is necessary.

As we are a standalone facility, we do not have the capability to provide medical detoxification in house.

This is accomplished through customized treatment plans utilizing input from both clients and their family members.

We value the respect and dignity of each person, which is reflected, in our service.

We address the individual needs of each client and their families and treat each person with the dignity and respect they deserve.

We believe the length of treatment directly impacts the chances for long-term recovery and offer a variety of levels of care to better equip an individual to create the life they desire.

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However, we have professional relationships with nearby hospitals in the Chicago area that provide our clients with medical detoxification if deemed medically necessary.

As everyone’s body is different, it is very important at the time of the assessment to be honest and forthcoming with our treatment team when explaining your use of drugs and alcohol.

Residential Day Treatment Residential Day Treatment (RDT) or Partial Hospitalization is the most comprehensive level of care we provide at New Hope Recovery Center.

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New Hope Recovery Center offers varying levels of care ranging from Residential Day Treatment (RDT) , Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Treatment programs which have both daytime and evening hours , local support groups as well as extended-care sober living options.

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