Whos jamie foxx dating Free live webcam chat with matures aunts

they are madly in love right is making a new song called can't be without him dedicated to jamie foxx.

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And now it has been claimed that there is a surprising reason behind Katie Holmes's decision to keep her relationship with Jamie Foxx under wraps.

According to a new report by Radar Online, the 37-year-old's divorce agreement states she cannot publicly date anyone until five years have passed following the end of her marriage to Tom Cruise.

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She reached a divorce agreement with Tom in just 10 days and has custody of their daughter Suri (pictured in July) Waiting until next year?

You have a Major Gendar War that's taking the race towards extinction! Little Suri will be 8 years old this and old enough to know what is going on. I kinda like Jammie Foxx, he is not attractive but he seems like a good guy...

Its Black men like you who are pushing it because your Bitter, Jealous and Envious of Black women's achievements while you didn't do anything to propel yourself You wasted DECADES chasing WW Sex and wouldnn't even help your white wife! Why would a woman stick with a man who's ashamed of her and didn't take her anywhere or help her with her business since you profited from it? Yes I dated several nonblack men but I never got with a friend's ex. Katie is now basically just an insecure, wreck of a soccer mom...

' Tasia can read and is one of the most down to earth entertainers there is. She can also sing her butt off and perform like some of the greats.

This is what he said, It was nice," he told reporters. We kind of halfway planned it but the kiss got a little interesting. I think I felt a little tongue." Get it ' Tasia!!!

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I guess you were too busy chasing WW office Sluts and didn't care about your wife or family you were just consumed with your own LUSTS! Little Suri will be 8 years old this and old enough to know what is going on. I could care less if Jamie Foxx preferred white women. Jamie can bring her back if he makes her happy which if they are dating he probably is... I am assuming you are white also, with all of these crazy black he apes running around here it is hard to tell. Instead of defending a treasonous c#unts like her, we should be annihilating them from our entire race!

I answered your post because I was the first one to post pictures of Tom and Jamie saying that Tom Cruise is much better looking and that she wouldn't have even left if Tom didn't act so wacky at times. Actually, Venus Williams looks better than Katie Holmes even though they are around the same age. Yes I dated several nonblack men but I never got with a friend's ex. It is one thing for me as a man to date Asian, Mexican or black women though I wouldn't marry out of my white race, it is quit another thing for women to do it.

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