Who is jenna jameson dating


Though some are rumored sex partners, Jenna Jameson's exes are a variety of porn stars, athletes, and rock stars.

She has won 20 to 30 adult video awards and has been bestowed with the X-rated critic’s organization and Adult Video News hall of fame.Ex-porn star Jenna Jameson went on a Twitter rant on Tuesday, slamming Muslims and bizarrely defending the Ku Klux Klan.In her nearly four-hour long diatribe, Jameson labeled Islam as inherently homophobic and sexist.“I’ve always embraced my hardcore roots, but becoming a household name was an important thing to me.” Jenna’s frequent TV appearances and autobiography were the main difference-makers that got her recognition in popular culture.Her mother was a Vegas showgirl, and Jenna spent time as a young girl practicing ballet. Fans might also be interested in pics of Jenna Jameson's tattoos. The answers are all here on this list of Jenna Jameson loves, ex boyfriends; and breakup rumors.'I disagree with following an ideology that abuses women, kills gays, mutilates female children and murders apostates,' Jameson said in one tweet.She also pointed to the existence of so-called Muslim 'rape gangs' - an idea that has been pushed by right-wing leaders in Europe who have been blaming violence on Syrian refugees.Jenna Jameson is one of the richest porn stars in the world.Initially when the porn actress started her career she used to charge around 6000 USD per movie.

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