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Naturally, the lack of resemblance sent the Internet into an uproar.#emmawatson #emma #watson #belle #liveaction #beautyandthebeast #labellaylabestia #disney #disneystore #belledoll #markjonathan #repaint #doll #customdoll #dollrepaint #faceupartist #faceup #ooak #ooakdoll A post shared by Mark Jonathan (@mark_jonathan_repaints) on Decided to do a repaint of the infamous Disney Store Belle doll of @emmawatson . For her part, Watson hasn’t responded to any of the controversy, likely because she’s too busy continuing her incredible #He For She campaign and focusing on one of the million other worthwhile projects she has.But we can guess that she’ll probably feel as happy as the rest of us do about Turner’s response badass defense.

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As she removes the last book, a train pulls into the station.She hops in, places it on a seat, hops out, and watches from the platform as the doors close and a young man inquisitively picks it up.Aboveground, over coffee at a nearby café, Watson explains why she thinks reading is “sacred.” There’s the obvious, professional reason: Harry Potter was a literary sensation before becoming the blockbuster franchise that made her famous and a millionaire many times over.Have never painted a doll with that much detail but I'm really enjoying the way she turned out. Emma Watson steps out with her boyfriend William “Mack” Knight in these new photos snapped last week in London, England. Here is the side by side of the original doll on the left and my repaint on the right. Most agreed that the doll, with its oval-shaped head and strange freckles, looks more like Justin Bieber in a wig and ballgown.Harry Potter was portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe, and Rupert Grint was cast as Ron Weasley, Harry's other best friend.The trio of British child actors would become known around the globe for their roles as young wizards fighting a battle between good and evil. Watson's 11-year-old film debut was an enormous success. On opening day in the United States, the film made a record-breaking .3 million.After a wonderful speech addressing sexual assault on campuses for the United Nations in New York, Emma Watson proved yet again that the actress is becoming a powerful feminist influence and global powerhouse for change.“Universities have the power to be vital catalysts for change”-Goodwill Ambassador @Em Watson https://t.co/3bz Ne1r Hj S #He For She #Parity Report pic.twitter.com/Sk Rjacyf El— UN Women (@UN_Women) September 22, 2016 Among other (awful) things, he referred to her only as “Hermione Granger” and said she was “telling them the rules of quidditch or how to turn someone into a frog.” His flippancy doesn’t end there, though, and he makes the attack more personal.

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