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“If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time.

We are blessed to have a special core group of volunteers, our Faithful Crew.

For more information on how you can volunteer with CCADV, contact apohl(at)

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Interval House is dedicated to providing services to prevent and break the cycle of family and intimate partner abuse.

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These are held at am and pm Tuesday-Saturday and take about an hour, at the Re Store (located at 4001 S. Please sign up for orientation online through our Volunteer Up system.The Morristown Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad would like to welcome their community members, and friends abroad to their website. The Company met at the Gleanor Office until Chapman Hall over the glove works was rented as a meeting hall on May 9, 1894. Although this tradition has suffered many interruptions, it has continued to the present. In addition, the Fire Department was one of the centers of the social life of the community.Through this site, the members of the Morristown Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad hope to bring you important information about the organization and it's involvements. The first fire call answered by the company was on July 4th 1894, when they quickly extinguished a fire on the roof of the warehouse of A. The first major fire occured on October 14, 1894 when six stores and two houses were destroyed. The next major piece of fire equipment acquired by the department for its fire service was a new truck purchased in May, 1935, at the cost of 0.Each Faithful Crew member volunteers at least 100 hours a year! Volunteers who come out at least one day a week for 6 months will be able to register as Faithful Crew members and gain access to exclusive volunteer shifts.We look forward to having you around and growing our Crew.During 1948 an E & J Resuscitator was purchased and used effectively as part of the rescue equipment.In August of 1949 the Fire Department purchased a 1938 La Salle ambulance.Speakers Bureau Training - Interval House offers speakers training sessions for approved volunteers who wish to help with community outreach and education.After successfully completing this four-hour training session, volunteers are able to speak about domestic violence, Interval House and its history at selected public events and presentations.This program is under the direction of the Community Educator and all speaking engagements must be approved by him/her.Third-Party Events (a/k/a Community Fundraising Events) - A third-party fundraising event is any activity by a non-affiliated group or individual where Interval House has no fiduciary responsibility, and little or no staff involvement.

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