Visual basic 2016 validating format


The English version of this specification is the only normative version. In particular, erratum [E09] relaxes the restrictions on element and attribute names, thereby providing in XML 1.0 the major end user benefit currently achievable only by using XML 1.1.

However, for translations of this document, see Technology? As a consequence, many possible documents which were not well-formed according to previous editions of this specification are now well-formed, and previously invalid documents using the newly-allowed name characters in, for example, ID attributes, are now valid.

Please refer to the errata for this document, which may include some normative corrections.

The previous errata for this document, are also available. This document is also available in these non-normative formats: XML and XHTML with color-coded revision indicators.

This document specifies a syntax created by subsetting an existing, widely used international text processing standard (Standard Generalized Markup Language, ISO 8886(E) as amended and corrected) for use on the World Wide Web.

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