Validating a service call


STEP2: Legal data check During the validation of the data, the Validation Services verify the legal existence of the entity and that the data registered in the Organisation Management tool is consistent with the information shown by the supporting documents (eg. In case of the indirect cost method chosen, the Validation Services verify that the choice is in line with the legal entity's category and does not verify the accounting method of the entity. If there were several registrations and PIC numbers used by the same entity during proposal submission, the Validation Services will link these PIC numbers and attribute one PIC number to the entity during the validation process, which will become the unique identifier to be used in further grants.STEP4: Legal Contact After the verification of the data by the Validation Services, each organisation has to nominate one privileged contact person, the so-called Legal Entity Appointed Representative (LEAR) who will manage and update the online legal and financial data of the entity based on the supporting documents.

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Documents are accepted in the official EU languages, however you may be requested to submit an unofficial translation into English.The card check services are: Card Standard - This service provides the name of the card issuer, the card type (credit/debit/prepaid) and the country of issue.Card Enhanced - This service links the given card details to the name and address provided.Before the signature of a grant agreement, the Validation Services verify the existence and legal status of all participants.This verification is made only once for each organisation at the time of its first participation in FP7.Call Validate International verifies name, address and date of birth information from over 135 countries worldwide.Card Validation Call Validate can be used as a credit card validation tool to make sure that the card details provided by a customer are valid and can be linked to the given name and address.As you'll see in the sections below, Call Fire has a number of ways it does this.As it does so, you'll be presented a number of notifications and options.All of this can be achieved instantly with no intrusion on the customer during the application process, enabling a truly paperless and accelerated customer 'take on' process whilst reducing fraud.Contact us to find out more International ID Verification Service Have complete confidence in verifying the identity of individuals with the most comprehensive global ID verification service available.

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