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costing society an estimated 7 billion in direct (preventive, diagnostic, and treatment services related to weight) and indirect (absenteeism, loss of future earnings due to premature death) costs.

There have been similar increases seen in children and adolescents, with the prevalence of overweight in pediatric age groups nearly tripling over the same period.

● 71 percent of undocumented LGBT adults are Hispanic.

● 15 percent of undocumented LGBT adults are Asian or Pacific Islander.

Most child sexual abusers are men, and may be respected members of the community drawn to settings where they gain easy access to children like schools, clubs and churches.

They come from all age groups, races, religions and socioeconomic classes. It isn’t strangers our children have to fear most..

Child sexual abuse is an issue that makes people extremely uncomfortable, because it hurts to think about anyone harming children.

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● 30 percent of documented LGBT adults are Hispanic.

● 35 percent of documented LGBT adults are Asian or Pacific Islander.

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Chatting with a minor is considered to be as bad as being a minor.

However, unreported or untreated child sexual abuse not only scars children and destroys families, it also leaves offenders free to abuse and cripple future generations.

It is any sexual activity between adults and minors or between two minors when one forces it on the other.

Key findings regarding adult documented immigrants include: ● There are an estimated 637,000 LGBT-identified individuals among the adult documented immigrant population, approximately 2.4 percent.

● Like their undocumented counterparts, LGBT documented immigrants are more likely to be male and are younger.

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