Updating windows phone

Later, in spring 2014, Windows Phone 8.1 was released to manufacturers and the Preview for Developers program.

However, you can’t simply download the software if you’re an average person with, for example, a Nokia Lumia 925 phone.

You should note, though, that installing Windows Phone 8.1 as an ‘unofficial’ build like this will void your warranty.

And you can’t easily revert to Windows Phone 8.0 if something goes wrong. Step one is telling Microsoft that you’re a developer. Just go to the Windows Phone app studio website and click on ‘Start a New Project’.

In Windows Phone 8.1, consumers are now able to check for app updates manually.

There have been a number of third-party apps published to the store to achieve this in past versions of the operating system (prior to the 8.1 Preview), but now Redmond has added this functionality to the platform.

This is just two weeks after the public release of Creators Update on PC devices, which is set to start on April 11th.

Microsoft confimred the news in a Windows blog post, stating that, "Windows Phone will follow the same phased approach, with rollout scheduled to begin April 25." However the company did add that the availability of the update may vary depending on a number of factors.

General rollout to phones through an over-the-air update should begin by September. Known internally as GDR1 for 'general distribution release,' this update is one of two for the 8.1 operating system in 2014...

Although web sites and reporters often spill the secrets of companies, the best-kept ones get published by the companies themselves.

Windows 10 Creators Update is set to bring a number of useful new additions and upgrades for mobile devices.

This includes an upgrade to the Microsoft Edge browser, which has now become the main e-reader in Windows 10.

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