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While striving to sell more and more products, marketing departments want us to believe that PCs, laptops and netbooks become obsolete after a couple of years, and not replacing them makes us luddites. Except for high-end gaming, a mid-level system bought in 2006 will provide enough functionality to get work done and have fun even in 2012.§1–Introduction §2–Preparation §3–Installation §4–Initial Configuration §5–Further Configuration §6–Overview of other distributions §7–Conclusion The computer industry has evolved over the years more rapidly than any industry in contemporary history.Please note that this package is currently in alpha and is offered without any guarantees, so it may or may not work! The package should support proxies just like the flashplugin-installer does, but it may fail if your ISP or router blocks some non-standard ports because Oracle uses quite a few redirects for the Java 7 binary download links.If the download fails because of blocked ports or because you're behind a firewall, use the manual Oracle Java 7 installation method (link in the beginning of the post).Type “Drivers” to search for the appropriate control panel and click the “Additional Drivers” shortcut.In the Software & Updates window that appears, select the NVIDIA or AMD binary driver if it isn’t already selected and install it.

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On Ubuntu, you can open the Dash to search for programs (just tap the “Super” key — it’s the key with a Windows logo on it on most keyboards).

Minecraft runs just fine on Linux, but it’s probably not available for easy installation in your Linux distribution’s package manager.

Here’s how to get your Linux system ready for Minecraft.

The wifi works perfectly in windows, however it behaves strangely on Ubuntu.

It is slow, doesn't load heavier sites at all, and after a while, completely drops.

It’s simple if you follow the instructions by author Stefan Neagu in this new guide.

Outlining everything you need to know to get an Ubuntu distro on to an old slow computer, the latest free PDF manual from Make Use Of isn’t one to be missed.

If you really need to use Oracle (ex Sun) Java instead of Open JDK in Ubuntu, here's an easy way to do it: a PPA repository to install and keep your computer up to date with the latest Oracle Java 7 (Java JDK which includes JRE).

Oracle JDK7 itself is not hosted in the PPA because that's not allowed by the new Java license (which is also the reason why it has been removed from the official Ubuntu repositories); the package in the PPA automatically downloads Oracle Java JDK 7 from its official website and installs it on your Ubuntu / Linux Mint computer, just like the flashplugin-installer package does.

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