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Come join in on the fun on Third Tuesdays by participating in Art a la Carte at the Yadkin Cultural Art Center.

Each month we will offer a different art experience for you to sample.

The ambience is always warm and inviting, with service that makes you feel at ease, and food that is impossible not to love.

Romantic: Bistrot Bizera Crank up the romance at Bizerca with it's Parisian-like quartyard and sophisticated fine bistro cuisine.

However, what we particularly wanted to record is the exceptional quality of your staff.

Your team is, without doubt, the very best I have had the pleasure to meet and to be looked after by.

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There is a particular focus on Thai cuisine with hints of China and Japan.

Just simple, fresh ingredients and gourmet recipes.

Made to Order by Hand Each week, our chefs order the fresh ingredients for the week, and prepare each order by hand.

See Wikipedia: Public domain and Wikipedia: Copyrights for more details.

Enjoy customized individual meals, ordered a la carte!

Our chefs will prepare your meals to your order and we will deliver them fresh to your door each week, ready to eat and enjoy.

Seasonal Variety Thousands of recipes and a menu that changes weekly, so you get plenty of variety and menus that truly reflect the seasons.

Chic yet relaxed: Il Leone Classic Italian dining, consistency and a natural understated elegance is what makes up il Leone.

The space boasts a stylish interior with crisp white table clothes, old oak wooden floors and large chunky framed paintings hanging on the walls.

Scroll down to see the upcoming sessions and to register.

In this class you will make a beautiful, unique leather bracelet using an old belt.

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