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; literally: "Du Lala's promotion") is a 2010 Chinese romantic comedy film about a Chinese woman who learns how to balance a relationship and professional work in a work place. was released to Mainland Chinese audiences on 15 April 2010, where it competed for ticket sales with the American remake, Clash of the Titans.

It is directed by Xu Jinglei, who also plays the title character, and is based on a novel, Du Lala's Promotion, by Li Ke.

Like Life Line Walker Lokah Laqi Lord of Shanghai Lost in the Pacific Lost in White Love in Late Autumn Love Studio MBA Partners Memento Mori The Menu The Mermaid The Mobfathers Mole of Life Money and Love The Monkey King 2 Mr. Nian My New Sassy Girl My Wife Is a Superstar Nessun Dorma Never Give Up Never Gone Never Said Goodbye The New Year's Eve of Old Lee New York, New York Night Peacock Nightmare Call No One's Life Is Easy No Sir No Where to Hide!

Chow The Assassin ATM Bad Guys Always Die Battle Up!

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Lovers & Movies Lu Junyi Lucky Star 2015 Magic Barber Magic Card The Maid's Secrets The Making of a Man Married to a Ghost The Master Maverick Meeting 200% You The Merger Midnight Garage Midnight Whisper The Mirror Miss Granny The Missing The Missing Piece Money Game Monk Comes Down the Mountain Monkey King: Hero Is Back Monster Hunt Morph Mother's Dream Mountain Cry Mountains May Depart Mr. Wu Scary Road Is Fun Seoul Searching Silently Love Somewhere Only We Know Sorry, Baby The Spirit of the Swords The Strange House Sunshine Always After Rain Super Robot Girl Suprise Sword of Hope The Tag-Along Tales of Mystery Taste of Love The Third Way of Love This Is Me Time Is Money Time to Love Tiny Times 4 To the Fore Tomb Mystery Triumph in the Skies Twin Spirit Two Thumbs Up Ulterior Motive Undercover Duet Unforgettable Blast The Unforgettable Heroes Upheaval of Jiawu War on a String We Are Family We Will Make It Right When Geek Meets Serial Killer When Miracle Meets Maths Where Are We Going? Who Am I 2015 Who in the Pool Who Is Your Dish 2015 Who Moved My Fiancee Wild City Wild Desert The Witness Wolf Totem Wolf Track Wolf Warriors Wonder Mama The Wonderful Wedding Wong Ka-Yan You Are My Sunshine You Are the Only One Youth Never Returns Zhong Kui Zinnia Flower Zodiac Journey Zombies vs the Lucky Exorcist 5 Minutes to Tomorrow Aberdeen The Accidental Robber Afterimages Ah Beng: Mission Impossible Ai Mi and Chao Shuai Ameera Anywhere Somewhere Nowhere The Apostles Are You Ready to Marry Me Armor Hero Atlas As the Light Goes Out B-8F Bad Sister Battle of Zhenhai A Bed Affair 2 The Beggar Hero Beijing Love Story The Bell Bitter Love Black & White 2 Black Coal, Thin Ice Black Comedy Blind Massage Bloody Doll The Boar King The Boundary The Brave Have No Fears Break Break Up 100 The Break-Up Artist Breaking the Waves Breakup Buddies The Breakup Guru Bringing Joy Home 2014 Broadcasting Girl Brotherhood of Blades Buddha, the Teacher The Buddha's Shadow Bugs Bunshinsaba 3 But Always Butterfly Bullets Over Petaling Street The Cabin Crew The Cabin in the Mountains Cafe. Love The Cage Campus Storm Caught in Trap Cause We Have Lost Youth Chrysanthemum Terrace The City of Motels Closed Doors Village Coach from the Stars Coincidence Coming Home The Crossing Dearest Death Trip The Deathday Party Delete My Love Dendrobium Design 7 Love Deslie for Young Diors' Self-cultivation Dive in 2014 Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2 Dot 2 Dot Dragon Nest: Warriors' Dawn Dream Flight Enchanted Doll Endless Nights in Aurora Enthralled Ex Fighting Ex File The Extreme Fox The Eyes of Dawn Face Hunter Factory Boss Fall in Love with You Falling in Love with a City Featherless Arrow Zhang Qing Fight for Glory Fighting Fiji Love Filial Party Fist of Bean Fleet of Time Flirting in the Air Flower's Curse A Fool For Love or Money Forbidden Kiss Forever Love 201413 Forever Young The Four 3 From Vegas to Macau Galloping Dragon Leaping Tiger Gangster Pay Day The Gathering General's Goblet The Girl Girls Give Seven Days A Gold Medal Winning Tramp Dog Golden Brother Golden Chicken 3 The Golden Era Golden Leopard Tang Long Gone with the Bullets Good Love Again Good Morning, Winter Sea The Great Hypnotist The Great Lion Kun Seng Keng Green Eyed Tiger Li Yun Grey Met Shrek Gu Dasao and Sun Xin Gyges Happiness Inn Happy Dream The Haunted Cinema Haunted Road He Ergou's List Headline Hello Babies Hero of the River Horror Floor Horseplay The House That Never Dies Huat Ah! Sun The Midnight After Midnight Hair MOKISSU Money on the Road The Monkey King Mother, Mother Mr.

Six The Murderer Vanishes Murmur of the Hearts My Best Friends My Mr. Lucky My Geeky Nerdy Buddies My Old Classmate A Mysterious Bullet Mysterious Plate Mystery Naked Ambition 2 New Life Next Station I Love You Night Mail Night of Adventure A Noble Spirit Old Boys: The Way of the Dragon The Old Cinderella On the Way Once Upon a Time in the Old Bridge Once Upon a Time in Shanghai One Day One Minute More One Step Away The Other Side Outcast Overheard 3 The Palace on the Sea Paradise in Service Partners in Crime Pasar Malam Passion Peace in Love Perfect Beyond Poseidon Code Pretty Maid Probation Order re:solve Red Amnesia Revelation of Ghost Marriage Revolution Places Manufacture Rise of the Legend Rite of Spring River of Exploding Durians Route 77 Rubbers Scent Second Chance The Second Coming Seventh The Seventh Lie She Recognized the Storm A Simple Hero Sorry I Love You South of the Clouds Spring Chorus Stealing Legend Stewardess The Struggle of 80's A Stupid Journey Sunflowers in Full Bloom Super Stone The Suspicious Sweet Alibis The Sweet River The Taking of Tiger Mountain Target Temporary Family That Demon Within Tiny Times 3 To Love Somebody Tomb Robber Town of the Dragon The Transcend Travel for Love The True Love The Truth About Beauty Turnaround Twa-Tiu-Tiann Twilight Online U Disk Under the Bed 2 Unexpected Love Unforgettable Jinyintan Urban Games Variation in Crisis Wayang Boy Wechat Affair What Is Love?

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