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“But if you plan on recording with a Canadian symphony, how do you choose only one?That’s when the dream happened: wouldn’t it be great to do this with orchestras across the country and make it pan-Canadian.” To fulfill this dream, the Florenceville, NB native will be trekking across the nation between the months of March and June with Emmy Award-winning album producer Don Breithaupt (The Breithaupt Brothers Songbook), Symphony Nova Scotia’s Associate Conductor Martin Mac Donald, and orchestral recording engineer Jeremy Tusz to capture the dynamic and powerful sounds of 40-plus-piece orchestras based on arrangements provided by such stellar arrangers as Shelly Berger, Peter Cardinali, Darren Fung, Lou Pomanti, and Sarah Slean, to name a few.Lean emphasizes absence of fat but usually suggests good health: The farmer fattened the lean cattle for market.Skinny and scrawny imply unattractive thinness, as from undernourishment: "His face and belly were so round, and his arms so skinny, that he looked like a dough ball with four sticks stuck into it" (John Green)."He a long, scrawny neck that rose out of a very low collar" (Winston Churchill).

Other pieces include repeating mantras, subtly interrupted by scratched out words or alternate phrases.As Alexandra Mackenzie, the multidisciplinary artist and OCAD alumna, she creates psychedelic that burst with hidden icons and splashes of colour., skinny, scrawny, lank, lanky, gaunt These adjectives mean lacking excess flesh.“When I created the song list for this project, I wanted a cross section of styles and songs from across the country.Yet they also had to be songs consistent with my style,” said Mc Cain, a classical crossover artist with a five-album catalogue.Slean is a true Renaissance woman: on top of the superb pop-rock for which she’s best known, she has published poetry, acted both on stage and screen, composed a couple of string quartets and created scads of enchanting .They’re often simple scenes starring Victorian characters and quirky, comical motifs: a man whose head has been replaced by a clock, a piano that’s transformed into a top-hatted song-and-dance man, a robed priest standing staidly next to a cake topped with a burning cross.Was in the London Comic Con audience to listen to the panel and heard Katie Newman the ITV Producer explain how she dreamed up this vague concept related to Beowulf and then handed it to James Dormer to write- and I thought to myself this has a very little chance of being any good.You would think that ITV would have taken an established literary series like HBO did with Game of Thrones.The BBC learned its lesson with the dire Atlantis and used Bernard Cornwell's established series to create The Last Kingdom- which is not quite in the GOT league but is much much better than this dire mess.The best thing on screen is the CGI and that's not saying much.

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