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We had the chance to get to know Amy through email where we discussed the greatest challenges to being an entrepreneur of true love, Silicon Valley’s notoriously sexist culture, and what successful men and women really want in a partner.“One of the most valuable lessons I have gained was hiring my first full-time employee in early 2014.Being able to delegate important tasks and give up some of the ‘control’ has been a huge learning curve and a very smart business decision.” Linx Dating was started in 2003 — that’s over a decade of being a one-woman team, but it’s not an unfamiliar obstacle for many entrepreneurs today. We’re the only Full-Service Premier Matchmaking company for people like you.We’ll customize a search plan for you that will make you wonder why you didn’t come to us even sooner.When we say true love, we don’t mean big paychecks, private jets and designer everything.The most successful relationships are fixed on compatibility between two people — sure it can be an expensive event to find and bring together a wide array of compatible, successful, established and available men and women, but to find the love of your life and actually make it to the altar, which several of Amy’s clients do, it’s virtually priceless (even when you are a millionaire).RELATIONSHIP COACHING INSTITUTE SILICON VALLEY, 408/261-3332 x2, conducts seminars for singles. ROCHELLE EDWARDS, MS, LMFT, helps people understand their love identities and blocks to love in their lives. TERESA ANN FOXWORTHY, Love in the 21st Century, 415/289-2213, offers coaching by phone to clients around the world and frequently offers workshops in the Bay Area.

Julie Ferman, Director, is based in Southern California. Annie Gleason provides dating coaching for Mid-Life singles. D., In Joy Life, 415/342-1300, teaches dating seminars and does singles and couples relationship counseling.

Silicon Valley dudes might be able to launch dating start-ups like OKCupid, Tinder, and Hinge (and to create all sorts of hacks to game their own systems), but when it comes matters of the human heart, they struggle just like the rest of us.

Unlike the rest of us, however, Valley dudes can drop a bunch of money on high-end matchmaking services to help them.

You’ve worked hard and built a great life for yourself. We custom-tailor search plans to match each client’s values, priorities and lifestyles.

What you’ve been doing (or perhaps not doing, while waiting for something to just happen) has not worked. We know how to help you find that someone special with whom you’re excited to share your life.

Amy came from a background in developing high-net-worth clients for Merrill Lynch, but her skill set wasn’t just limited to businessmen.

According to Amy, there were “lots of attractive and brainy women frustrated by the shortage of commitment-minded men around them.” Now she pairs high-powered men and women together for a rather high-powered price — up to 0,000 for some cases — but as we found out, that’s a rather small price to pay for finding true love.

(Listen to her coach Michael on the pre-date phone call: ,000 well spent, in his case.) With her help, these hapless romancers learn how to dress, stock their fridge with woman-wooing wine, select proper hand towels, and so forth.

Because with the right set of guest towels, any man can go from just rudely eyeing his next BBD (venture capitalist slang for Bigger Better Deal) to actually dating them.

Read More I met Jasbina for a personal consultation. Read More I was introduced to Jasbina through a mutual acquaintance soon after Jasbina started Intersections Matchmaking.

Honestly, I wasn’t convinced I would learn anything new; I mean I have lived through the experiences in my life – so how can anyone else give me more insight on my experiences. I am an Indian physician, in my early 60’s divorced from a marriage to a non-Indian after 25 years.

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