Sexy oon text chat


When it comes to dirty talk and getting each other turned on, one of the safest ways to do it is through text messages. Well, for one, you don’t have to come up with something to say right in the heat of the moment.You can take your time and think about what you want to say to him. So many women feel awkward trying to dirty talk in the moment.Then I stumbled upon a guest on a Rachel Ray Show that opened my eyes to a huge arsenal of dirty, sexy messages I could text. …I’ll never run out of ideas for steamy texts again.” What I discovered is that I could take the “dirty talk” used in the bedroom and put a twist on it and create some very vivid sexual images in my guy’s mind that made it perfect for sending sexy text messages.Trust me, when he came to see me, he would be nicely “warmed up.” Say we had dinner together or went out somewhere. Me: “You looked so hot and sexy in that shirt you had on last night…” (I would pause to create anticipation) Me: “I wanted so badly to unbutton it and run my hands all over your chest.” For example, if I wanted to ask my boyfriend to pick something up from the market for me I would text him and add this dirty twist…But after a few “I want you now” or “UR hot” type texts I ran out of ideas.I was searching for ideas on the magazine racks, in the bookstores and on the internet for a few weeks.

’ After a few “UR Hot”…”I want you now”…”Come home and spank me” type of sexy texts…I ran out of ideas.Again, take a naughtier turn by questions like - ‘Would you rather only ever have sex in bed or only ever have sex outside the bedroom?’This one is actually quite fun and much like an on-texts version of roleplay.Well, don't think of them so much as “ground rules,” but more like guidelines to make sure they have their intended effect.This is so that you don't come off sounding weird or worse, sounding like a sex-crazed stalker!Related: 10 SUPER-Sexy Foreplay Moves Guaranteed To Set The Mood Men are very visual creatures, it’s true, but they love to on can really get a guy motivated and start your foreplay off right.But knowing what to say and when to say it can be incredibly helpful—especially if someone isn’t familiar or comfortable with dirty talk.Trust us, this is the perfect way to turn your guy into the fantasy man you’ve always dreamed of!The rules of the game are that your partner thinks of one thing/ place/ person and you have to guess what it is in 20 questions or less.Because when you’re texting with him, you’ve always got enough time to think about what you want to say.And when you have this list of 15 super sexy texts to send him, you’ll never have your mind go blank trying to think of a text again (or worry That’s it.

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