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I'm serious about the entrapment question; the second one, I guess, is rhetorical.It makes sense when your job, budget, and prestige depend on making more arrests.Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this privacy policy.Strictly speaking, masturbation is sexual activity involving only one person.It is sexual self-stimulation, often, but not necessarily, involving manipulation of the sexual organs by hand.In the US this is commonly known as "jacking off." In the UK the term "wanking" is common.

"Meeting my sugar daddy once a week amounts to about €1,000 a month.

When Kirschner showed up, he was immediately arrested and charged with "communicating with a minor with the intent of committing a sexual act" and "attempted lewd and lascivious acts with someone under 14." . It doesn't even reveal that he would have gone through with any sexual activity with this alleged 13-year-old.

To me the whole set-up seems similar to the undercover cops who befriend young people by pretending to be their age, goad them into selling them pot, then throw them in jail for it. And by what logic does it make sense to entice people into crimes they probably wouldn't otherwise commit just to arrest them for those crimes?

(Texas Office of the Attorney General via AP) State agents raided the Dallas headquarters of adult classified ad portal Backpage and arrested Chief Executive Officer Carl Ferrer on Thursday following allegations that adult and child sex-trafficking victims had been forced into prostitution through escort ads posted on the site.

Ferrer, 55, was arrested on a California warrant after arriving at Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport on a flight from Amsterdam, said Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

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When the news broke that Wayne Rooney had been caught having a threesome with two privately educated middle-class girls, the public's shock wasn't directed at the fact that the footballer had been caught with his pants down, but that the two girls were from well-to-do backgrounds and had been offered every privilege in life.

The parents of 21-year-old Jennifer Thompson, or Juicy Jen as she now goes by, were so horrified by their daughter's antics that her PA mum and oil executive dad issued an apology to the Rooney family.

Helen Wood's mum and dad, a primary school teacher and university lecturer, were similarly appalled.

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