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The following list shows the countries of the world, according to international standard ISO 3166-1.Selected standard codes for the countries are shown.“Every memory of looking out the back door/ I had the photo album spread out on my bedroom floor/ It’s hard to say it/ time to say it/ Goodbye, goodbye,” sings the band Nickelback in its 2005 singl...An international cultural forum in Seoul in late summer will assemble the world’s creative opinion leaders to discuss and promote Korean culture, while also inviting foreigners in Korea to take part ...An archaeological dig by the state-run Cultural Heritage Administration has found the bones of two people under ancient palace walls, suggesting that the Silla Kingdom (57 BC to 935) actually had a cu...Korea’s hottest city, Daegu, will heat up even more next month as this year’s annual Daegu International Musical Festival will be the most diverse one in its 11 year history, featuring 26 musicals f...The movie will be releasing nationwide this Eid-ul-Fitr and to give the local content a better exposure, four Indian movies are been banned in Pakistan.It is further worth questioning that aren’t we offering similar vulgar flavor of entertainment to our viewers that they hate it when they see it coming from across the border.

Giving it a typical bar-touch, most of the ladies are seen wearing two-pieces only and making it worse, their deep necks are further exposed to camera intentionally.South Korean researchers have found remnants of an ancient cave formed around 10th century BC, which suggest Bronze Age people conducted a ritual with fire before burying their dead. The nightscape of Seoul offers a wealth of pleasant surprises, one of which is Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market, a special weekend market being held in five locations throughout the city. A Seoul-based cultural foundation has opened a photo and video contest about Korea, aimed at piquing interests among foreigners in the country and offering a chance for a dialogue on how to better pro...Bookstores expand their commercial horizons Bookstores were the intellectual sanctuaries for Korea’s youngsters and libertines, who burned with passion for democracy, prosperity and humanity there fr...To this end, we work closely with top horsemen of all disciplines and we have developed a wide range of products, combining quality and performance.We are happy to cater for the requirements of horse specialists and do our best to satisfy them."Accuhoof is a digital hoof gauge that provides toe angle measurement to the tenth of a degree.Our range of horseshoes has been designed for farriers and vets by a farrier himself.Our aim is to satisfy the sports and orthopedic demands which are continually changing for all horses i.e show-jumping, riding school and race horses.While half of the Pakistani audience is still questioning about the airing of foreign content that promotes vulgarity within the country, Pakistani actors too are playing their best part in promoting vulgarity by shooting bold ads.Reframing the limits of cheapness and bold shoots, Humayun Saeed’s and Mahnoor Baloch’s latest movie song has been leaked in the social media which reveals all the filth of the movie ‘Main Shahid Afridi hoon’, or may be just a glimpse of it.Like other hoof gauges there is no need to put the hoof down to measure, but with the new backlit LCD screen Accuhoof is superior in hoof angle measuring devices.We invite you to try one of our devices out and see the difference."AMERICAN FARRIERS JOURNAL / LESSITER MEDIA 16655 W Wisconsin Ave (PO Box 624), Brookfield, WI 53005 Phone: (262) 782-4480 Fax: (262) 782-1252 Email: Jeremy Mc Govern - [email protected]: Members: Frank Lessiter & Jeremy Mc Govern Lessiter & Jeremy Mc Govern "American Farriers Journal is the only North American publication dedicated 100% to fulfilling the ever-changing educational needs of today’s equine hoof-care professional.

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