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“It provoked us,” Maya al-Ammar, KAFA's media coordinator told Al-Akhbar.“[The page's administrators] were so blunt in what they were saying. As if they were selling women like products.” The offensive page, “Syrian refugee women for marriage,” provided no contact details nor did it explain how such a connection by interested men to Syrian refugee women would be made.The theme will also focus on new commitments under UN Women’s Step It Up initiative, and other existing commitments on gender equality, women’s empowerment and women’s human rights.Some key targets of the 2030 Agenda: The world of work is changing, and with significant implications for women.

While its authenticity is suspect, the brief existence of such a page and the reactions to it represent a symptom for a grander, more pressing issue: a serious need to confront the ongoing trafficking and exploitation of vulnerable Syrian refugee girls and women in the region.As American military embeds became the only safe way to access the story, many opted out, choosing Beirut as a safe haven and home.With fighting now on their doorstep, the Lebanese crisis offered a new opportunity to cover the fallout, this time independently.On one hand, we have globalization, technological and digital revolution and the opportunities they bring, and on the other hand, the growing informality of labour, unstable livelihoods and incomes, new fiscal and trade policies and environmental impacts—all of which must be addressed in the context of women’s economic empowerment.As war between Israel and Hizballah loomed 10 years ago, Israeli photographer Shaul Schwarz called looking for magazine support.The pictures that resulted captured a strong and undefeatable Israeli Army leaving battle, forlorn and distraught.An inspirational story of redemption, A Rising Tide tells the tale of a young chef, Sam Rama (Hunter Parrish).Syrians in Lebanon have become the largest refugee population in the world.In Lebanon, more than half of registered Syrian refugees are younger than 18, and 75 percent are women and children.The page had promised to “set rules and ways of contact soon.” “We tried to pressure Facebook, but they did not close the page immediately.They responded to us saying that there was not enough evidence and limited reason to,” Ammar noted.

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