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A woman on trial for the murder of her husband has told a court how he made her perform sexual acts for strangers online in the months leading up to his death.Chamari Liyanage is on trial in the Western Australia Supreme Court accused of murdering her husband Dinendra Athukorala with a mallet while he slept at their home in Geraldton, 400 kilometres north of Perth, in June 2014.JAIDS Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes. ARCSHS Monograph Number 100, ISBN: 978-0-9924830-1-2 Anna Wilkinson, Carol El-Hayek, Yik Siang Cheah, Jeffrey Grierson, Graham Brown, James Mc Mahon, Alison Duncan, Mark Stoové (2014) Financial barriers to HIV treatment in Victoria: A brief report, Burnet Institute, Melbourne.Callander, D., Prestage, G., Ellard, J., Triffitt, K., Brown, G., & Down, I. The Road Less Travelled: Exploring Gay and Bisexual Men’s Explanations of ‘Uncommon’ Routes of HIV Transmission. Gianacas C, Prestage G, Brown G, Triffitt K, Ellard J, Down I.Created under the Dangerous Sex Offenders Act, Allens release order stipulated he was not allowed to collect or obtain images of children.The Supreme Court was told that he collected images of children, which were not pornographic, from the internet and by cutting out photographs from magazines and newspapers.Research Interests: health promotion, HIV prevention and support programs, evidence and evaluation, peer based programs, social influence and diffusion. Monograph, The Kirby Institute, The University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia. HIV and mobility in Australia: Road map for action.

Farnell was sentenced to three years jail in 1997 for sexually molesting two girls in 'secretive meetings' in his shed or house, in 19, when the girls were aged seven and 10.It had earlier been reported that David John Farnell, now 56, had been sentenced to three years' jail in 1997 for sexually molesting two girls under the age of 13 and that months later, while still in prison, he was charged again, this time with six counts of indecent dealing with a child under the age of 13.But further court documents have revealed other sex offences, bringing the total number of convictions against him to 22 - including a victim aged just seven.Part owner of nightclubs in Hobart/ Launceston where the rapes/ assaults occurred (from 1990-2001). She was 'You have robbed them of the opportunity to have a normal life': (7-8-2014) What judge told paedophile father convicted of twenty-two child sex offences - as welfare officers step up hunt for couple in baby Gammy case.Convicted over his parts in the drugging/ raping women who were either patrons/ staff. The father at the centre of the baby Gammy row has been convicted of 22 child sex offences, including one against a girl who was just seven and the sentencing judge says that his victims had been 'robbed of their childhood'.Paul Allen pleaded guilty to a string of charges stemming from breaches of a conditional release order he was placed on after serving out a prison sentence.Allen, who is in his late 20s, admitted to the breaches in the Stirling Gardens Magistrate's earlier this month. Prestage G, Zablotska I, Bavinton B, Grulich A, Keen P, Murphy D, Brown G, Bradley J, Holt M, Guy R.(2015) Previous and future use of HIV self-testing: a survey of Australian gay and bisexual men. 2015 Oct 27 *Prestage, G., Brown, G., De Wit, J., Bavinton, B., Fairley, C., Maycock, B., . (2014) Factors associated with recent previous HIV testing among a sample of recently HIV-diagnosed gay men in Australia: a cross-sectional study. (2013) Protocol for a respondent-driven sampling study exploring the roles of peer norms in HIV-related practices of gay men, , 2013, 3, 320-326 - Published Online December 2013 BROWN, G., SORENSON, A., HILDEBRAND, J (2012) How they got it and how they wanted it: marginalised young people’s perspective on their experiences of sexual health education, Vol 9 No 5, 453-458 Prestage, G., Down, I., Bradley, J., Mccann, P., Brown, G., Jin, F., Hurley, M (2012) Is Optimism Enough? Plos One 11/2014 IF 3.730 Down I, Ellard J, Triffitt K, Brown G, Prestage G. : Volume 42, Issue 7 (2013), Page 1347-1356 CRAWFORD, G, BOWSER, N, BROWN, G., MAYCOCK, B (2013) Exploring the potential of expatriate social networks to reduce HIV and STI transmission: a protocol for a qualitative study, ;3 :e002581 doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2013-002581 ZABLOTSKA, I., DE WIT, J., BROWN, G., MAYCOCK, B., FAIRLEY, C., MCKECHNIE, M., PRESTAGE, G.It was not until the women were adults that they made complaints and court documents said the women had suffered 'depression' and 'difficulty forming relationships' as a result of the abuse.In sentencing him, Justice Michael O'Sullivan said the victims had been robbed of their childhood and had suffered emotional problems as a result.

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