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The Persuasive Speech This section provides some easy, effective techniques with helpful hints and tips on writing a persuasive speech - a vehicle designed to persuade people to change in some way. Definition: A persuasive speech is written to persuade, or convince the listeners, of the validity of the speaker's argument.

Definition Let's start be considering exactly what is a Persuasive speech.

The internet has also been constructed in a way where people can date online.

The internet can be helpful but it can also be dangerous when it comes to online dating.

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Some commonplace things seem to happen without special premeditation, effortlessly.

The internet is a place where people can meet and communicate with each other.

Whether they are in two completely different locations or the same location, the internet has helped us communicate as if we are right next to each other.

There are many online dating sites such as,,, and much more.

Unfortunately these sites are full of people who have created a false profile for themselves.

People face many different types of dangers when they are associated with online dating because this world is filled with people who only want to cause damage to other innocent people.

Online dating is dangerous because anyone can create a false profile that makes other people believe they are real but then lead to letdowns, predators and criminals use these sites to find victims, and finally because these sites portray themselves as a trusting site when it is just filled with false advertisement.

Communication is the most important aspect in any relationship.

Cyber communication is just an innovative form of beginning a relationship.

Most of life’s problems are not solved easily or automatically.

Putting it simply, good things happen to people sometimes just by luck alone, without much effort, but not often. Is it likely that the first house you look at will turn out to be the house of your dreams? More likely you will have to look at fifteen or twenty houses before you decide to buy one.

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