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Moore put up a fight, furiously kicking in the direction of his desk.

Peter, who asked that his full name not be disclosed, saw what was happening.

Food is innovative and upbeat and specialises in local seafood and vegetables.

For Simon Ekanda, a leader of the Tugaba tribe, the gas has spiritual value.In December, he signed off on a billion plan to ship the gas to Asia. Simon Ekanda says his people have a prophecy warning them not to give the gas away to white men or 'red legs'.This is Papua New Guinea's biggest-ever business deal - it promises to double the country's GDP. SIMON EKANDA: It's just like raping a woman without her accepting you to have sex. SIMON EKANDA: We were told not to give the fire to a 'red leg'.Accommodation is beachfront or overwater (two triple rooms) and in the form of simple, high-quality, traditional island-style bungalows catering for up to four people each (except the big house which caters for up to six people). Nusa Island Retreat's facilities include a central amenities block, a licensed bar and restaurant, games and entertainment areas, barbecue and other relaxation areas.Other general guest utilities include phone and fax, stereo system and laundry service.The Nusa Islanders have their own local island community and appreciate the fact that the camp is helping the local community.Their hospitality will be one of the highlights of your holiday.But the NFA has often borrowed PNA credibility to justify actions and investments that seem contrary to PNA objectives.This is like campaigning for a Free West Papua and then inviting the President of Indonesia to 'buy' the country's vote about Papua's MSG inclusion.The target, Daniel Jess Moore, had no idea what was about to burst in on him.He was on his computer, which held thousands of child sex files.

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