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Part quantities and suggested suppliers are in the Mendel assembly data sheet.

From the bill of materials (BOM) you'll see that you need to get hold of about 10 different types of materials.

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This is especially true for the Igus bushings used for the Z axis.These sections are highlighted in green on the relevant pages.These pages are the complete instructions for building, commissioning and using the Rep Rap Pro Ltd Tricolour Mendel and Mono Mendel. Like all Rep Rap machines, Rep Rap Pro Mendels are fully open-source. All the design files and software are available from the Rep Rap Pro Ltd Github repository.For the most part, the construction of the Tricolour is the same as for the Mono.At various points there are small tasks that you need to do for the Tricolour.Before you buy anything, here is some important information you should know, including a cost breakdown at the end: This "Mendel materials procurement" page assumes you want to build a Mendel, and can get hold of a set of reprapped Mendel parts (perhaps produced on an identical Mendel, or on a Darwin, or on one of the Rep Straps machines out there).If you can't get hold of a set of reprapped Mendel parts, or you want to build some other Rep Rap variant, skip this page and go to the Parts Supplies page. Generally you can survive just fine on “Bright Zinc Plated" (BZP).It was designed from the start to accommodate multiple extruders to allow colour printing and the printing of single parts with several different materials built into them.If you are building a multi-colour/multi-material Mendel then follow these instructions for building a single-material machine and get that working first.Mendel does not impart big loads on any of the bearings, therefore high specification bearings are not needed. You need: The extruder design is frequently updated: check the Mendel extruder page for the latest procurement/preparation documentation. Mendel uses two different types of nut: nylock and standard.As an alternative to nylocks, however, you may prefer to use standard nuts and use a thread locker compound, for example brand name Loc Tite 243, and apply a small amount wherever a nyloc is called for.

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