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When asked why, she coyly answers: “I’m embarrassed.” But she also fondly remembers their five-year courtship. “We liked the same songs.” And when they weren’t singing, they were talking about what was going on in the world – and to their pleasant surprise, they realized they shared something special. “I don’t think people talked about the things we talked about – world peace and civil rights.” Both Nan and Britt were progressive believers in the days of a segregated South in a small-town Atlanta.7 October 2015Newly-divorced Valerie and her teenage daughter, Laura, move in with Valerie's younger brother, Alex.

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Quaintance alternated between the stage and auditorium to get the best perspective.She was only 14, but she already was one of the most popular girls on the dance floor.“She was the prettiest girl I had ever seen, and after talking to her, I realized she was the smartest girl I had ever met,” Britt Pendergrast recalled. On March 30, the Pendergrasts celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary – and on Saturday, April 4, they invited close friends to their home to share their longevity and joy.You reached this page when attempting to access .208 on 2017-05-23 GMT.By Maria Saporta Britt Pendergrast was only 17 when he saw Nan Schwab for the first time at a party at Margaret Bryan’s Dance Studio on Peachtree Street.The anywhere-and-everywhere new-music organization stages a three-concert, two-location minifestival showcasing CSO cellist Katinka Kleijn, soprano Tony Arnold, and jazz pianist Cory Smythe dealing trickery such as a piano tuned a quarter-tone flat.The flutist Tim Munro, who spent a decade with Eighth Blackbird, has flown the sextet’s nest to pursue his own projects.He checked in with lighting director David Castaneda and stage manager Nathan Cuffee on technical details."Let's play around with it. It makes a difference, just a little tightening."Onstage, actors Gabi Mayorga and Omar Evans were rehearsing a scene in which Evans' character, Bobby, proposes to Mayorga's character, Marta."He did it in his dress uniform, in front of my family," Mayorga said in character.Let's go back to the top," Quaintance told the actors during one scene. "We decided we were going to get married when he came home.About a week before the show's Thursday opening, the cast, crew and director braved a tornado watch to hone their lines, smooth out entrances and exits and work out lighting and other issues."Downrange" is a look at the lives of military spouses.Dozens of spouses shared their stories with the theater; North Carolina playwright Mike Wiley fashioned those interviews into a play.

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