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and allows for-profit companies to compete for minimum coverage insurance plans, though there are also mutual insurers so use of a commercial for-profit insurer is not compulsory.

The government regulates the insurers and operates a risk equalization mechanism to subsidize insurers that insure relatively more expensive customers.

That helps keep premiums to around 0 a month for the average Japanese family." Voluntary private insurance is available through several sources including employers and unions to cover expenditures not covered by statutory insurance, but this accounts for only about 2% of health care spending.

With the Reformation (beginning in 1524), Martin Luther called for mandatory schooling laws to ensure that more Christians could read the Bible on their own. state to enact a compulsory education law in 1852, having already passed a similar law in 1647 when it was still a British colony.This article explores the cultural and legal history of compulsory school attendance laws.See State Compulsory Education Laws and Home Schooling Alternatives to learn more.Credit: YASSER AL-ZAYYAT, AFP, Getty Images A Kuwaiti law requiring all residents to submit to genetic testing has sparked international outcry—and there are signs it’s also drawing a muted civil opposition from locals fearful of its scope.The controversial law, passed in July 2015, mandates that the country’s 1.2 million citizens and another 2.3 million foreigners living in Kuwait submit DNA samples to a new government database.Last year, New York City signed a bill mandating that all schools in the city allow students to use whatever bathroom they are most comfortable with, regardless of the gender listed on their birth certificate.In the wake of the Trump administrations roll-backs of transgender protections for schools, the Big Apple pledged to keep their gender-neutral bathroom rule, but now it’s gone one step further to protect students.The Japanese health ministry "tightly controls the price of health care down to the smallest detail.Every two years, the doctors and the health ministry negotiate a fixed price for every procedure and every drug.Former EPA staffers said Wednesday the restrictions imposed under Trump far exceed the practices of past administrations.Ericksen said no orders have been given to strip mention of climate change from gov , saying no decisions have yet been made.

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