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Though the show was pulled after just four episodes, it was enough for Jackson to have been bitten by the reality bug. K.'s , who says she's suing Jackson for saying Manigault "probably pulled the plug" on her late fiance, Michael Clark Duncan. He speaks what's really on his mind, what he's thinking at the moment.-- Martin Bashir's disturbing 2003 documentary that paved the way for the singer's second child sex abuse investigation -- this attempt to pop the bubble of Jackson-level mega-fame manages to keep things light.

And while she regrets not bringing Manigault -- whose name, like Voldemort's, she refuses to utter -- into the boardroom with her to face elimination, Jackson tells He's very sweet, he's very kind. However, I will say that there's a lot of misconceptions about him that people don't really realize. Yes, references are made to the family infighting over Michael's estate and custody of his children, but La Toya is depicted here as a sibling peacemaker, a storyline consistent with what you read in the gossip pages. Meanwhile, a visit from lifelong family friend Kathy Hilton reveals a three-way childhood pact to name their first daughters Paris.

A series of low-charting solo records was followed by a disastrous marriage to Jack Gordon, a manager hired by her father to guide her career.

Instead, Jackson says, Gordon married her against her will, sequestering her from her family and subjecting her to years of brutal beatings while overseeing a series of suicidal career moves -- from , which saw her training alongside Erik Estrada and Jack Osbourne to become a reserve police officer in the town of Muncie, Ind.

Meanwhile Joe and Katherine Jackson keep thinking about a way to help La Toya and Rebbie to start off an entertainment-career.

That is some bling: According to People, Phillips asked for her hand in 2013 while vacationing in Hawaii.

For La Toya it wasn’t easy growing up in the Jackson-family: many children pretended to be her "friends", just to try to get closer to the famous brothers.

La Toya and Janet have their professional debut in 1974 and soon there's an interest in Janet.

And the Jackson 5 alum's daughter, Paris Jackson, also went on IG to share her brother's touching tribute, posting: love this.. and happy birthday to the man that means more to us than anything and anyone ever could. Jackson (@parisjackson) on Aug 29, 2016 at pm PDT But, MJ's family members weren't the only celebs reminiscing about the hitmaker.

Artists like Madonna, Usher, and more went on social media to remember the popular performer.

With seven pounds and twelve ounce she's the biggest Jackson-baby.

When the Jackson Five become successful, La albums_toya spends lots of time with her mother and sisters, and the four of them keep the household running.

But one of the biggest halftime shows in the past 20 years was notably left out!

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"We've gone roller skating, but not just with me -- I think Kathy Hilton was there, my brother Michael was there, my sister [Janet] was there.

La Toya - who is the sister of the late pop legend Michael Jackson - was very clear with her statement to the website.

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