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EMAIL Find an email addresses via someone's name, or the name from the email.PHONE Every online white pages, including some which do a reverse search of a phone number.The Society also has equipment and memorabilia from firefighting services in Invercargill and Southland (Urban and Rural), along with mementos from the now demolished 1924 Invercargill Fire Station.We are Visual and Hands on, with viewing by way of DVDs and plasma screens.

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Buildings, Shops, factories, Interior/exterior, Roofs, Sheds, Houses, Villa repairs, fences, fascia & soffit etc.This partnership will continue to develop with the aim of restoring the islands as closely to their natural state while protecting the cultural and spiritual heritage of the iwi of Murihiku.There was considerable resistance from some quarters of the general public to the Crown handing back the Crown Tt Islands and there is now a certain amount of well show them we can manage the islands from the Tangata Whenua side.Turbo Waterblasting and General Repairs Tracey prepared & painted a bathroom/laundry in one of our rentals.Importantly he was reliable with great service & workmanship. S only left the review this long so we could wish you a happy b'day I have had the outside of my house painted - a decramastic roof and lounge / kitchen walls and internal doors painted by Tracy at very reasonable costs. I will not hesitate in getting Tracy to do more painting for me.The museum has 5 fire engines dating from 1940 onwards and individual members have a further three.These include the following fire engines: 1940 Ford ex Invercargill,1954 Dennis ex Invercargill & Dunedin, 1957 Commer ex Invercargill and a 1981 Mack Turtable Ladder retired from service in Invercargill August 2005.After his wife postponed their return several times Mr Maddison realised she was not coming back and filed a claim of child abduction with the Hague Convention, which began years of battling through court hearings and several visits to Denmark.The Hague Convention was designed to prevent estranged partners illegally taking children to live in another country.We always need new Volunteers and Members so join the adventure NOW with SCOUTS New Zealand!Southland's only fire museum is situated on the corner of Jed and Spey streets, across the road from the Invercargill Fire Station.

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