Invalidating car warranty


Cars outside their original new car warranty are a different kettle of fish altogether, and not covered here.Under EU Block Exemption legislation, which has been around for many years now, a manufacturer cannot force a buyer to have their car serviced by their official dealership network, and cannot refuse to honour a new car warranty simply because a car has been serviced elsewhere.However, a manufacturer does have the right to set a servicing schedule which must be adhered to.As a car owner, you have the right to take your car to any licenced garage or mechanic for servicing, but you must ensure that the servicing is carried out exactly as per the manufacturer’s servicing schedule.It's also advisable to save your receipt, which may be the only record of the sale.Ask yourself the following questions when making a major purchase: warranties must be clearly stated for the consumer. The FTC's "Facts for Consumers: Warranties" also provides useful information.Under certain circumstances, especially when the consumer has used a product for something other than its intended purpose, a merchant may choose not to honor the terms of a warranty by declaring it void.

Protect You can also void your warranty by not taking precautions to avoid additional damage. But, if you do additional damage by continuing to drive the car it is not covered.

Comprehensive policies should provide cover for damage to an insured part caused by the failure of a non-insured part.

If a new part is fitted to your vehicle that's deemed better than the original one as the result of a claim, you may be expected to contribute towards the cost of the part.

Most people don’t realize they can void their original factory, extended warranty or vehicle service contract by not documenting they performed the standard maintenance.

You will not be asked for documentation for every repair.

This means servicing must be undertaken on time and must use any genuine parts or lubricants specified by the manufacturer.

If you choose to have your car serviced by an independent garage or mechanic, make sure they are reputable.

Therefore, reasons for voiding a limited warranty usually vary with the manufacturer or individual product.

Understanding the conditions and limitations of a warranty will usually inform you of when the warranty can and cannot be invalidated.

“Do you have to have your car serviced by a dealership to keep your new car warranty? There is considerable confusion among car owners about their servicing requirements, especially regarding what is required for them to maintain their new car warranty.

Dave says: “I just bought a new BMW and the salesman told me I have to have it serviced by a BMW dealership to maintain the new car warranty. I have seen businesses claiming they can service my car without affecting the warranty” Assuming the above is an accurate portrayal of what was said, the BMW salesman has been very naughty here.

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