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However, the updating of Group Policy depends upon the resources that have been modified and may vary according to the priority.

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nice ;) I'll have to play around with it, thought lately I haven't used wamp type environments. I have a dual boot machine, but being that I'm stuck in Windows much of the time due to my other needs, I decided to install bash for Windows (based on Ubuntu) and man what a much less pain in the ass situation when it pertains to migrating from a Windows Local Dev environment to a Linux Dev or Live version.Fixes an issue in which AD DS database size increases significantly after you enable the Credential Roaming feature in a domain.Additionally, you may experience issues such as LDAP query delays and replication delays.This security feature doesn't activate newly installed add-ons until you tell Internet Explorer whether the new add-on should be activated or not.The add-ons covered by this feature include browser toolbars, Explorer bars and BHO (Browser Helper Objects).Ok, so - some of you have tried to put this in place and have not had much luck with it. At least if it is just these in there, you dont really need it. I use this one a lot, as it saves additional software - and it is just nice to have everything all in one place. Although this is a useful feature but many times it might annoy a few users.For example if you want to install Java add-on in a network environment or if you want to install your software product which includes an add-on for Internet Explorer or if you install a security software such as an Antivirus program which also adds an add-on for Internet Explorer.Fixes a Windows Server 2008 R2 issue in which AD LDS authentication returns error messages when you try to perform an LDAP bind on an account.This issue occurs when the user account is locked out or has an expired password.

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