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There wasn't enough wine to get me through the night. I went out for drinks with a girl and put my card down to start a tab, at the end of the night my card wouldn't work and got declined.I didn't have cash on me so I had to ask the bartender for the closest ATM.Fortunately she was very understanding, the food was excellent, and I paid her the money back afterwards.

The family homes in Bloomsbury at 38 and later 50 Charlotte Street were within easy reach of Madam Tussauds, London Zoo and the newly opened Regent's Park, which she visited regularly; in contrast to her parents, Rossetti was very much a London child, and, it seems, a happy one.

The functionality allows you to: We're always keen to hear recommendations and new ideas for singles events in Cambridge.

If you've an idea, we'll always aim to include it in the next calendar.

Based in March, Fox Boats offers narrow boats for hire for day trips, short breaks and longer holidays.

Also undertakes boatbuilding, and offers moorings, boats for sale, repairs, servicing and slipway facilities.

On the way to a first date at a cash only Italian restaurant, I realised I didn't have enough cash and none of the six ATM's that I tried seemed to work with my UK bank cards (I didn't have my US ones handy).

Not only was I late to dinner but my date had to go get cash at a nearby ATM!

My goal was to introduce them to a different kind of fraternity experience, one that challenged the negative stereotypes and provided a non-traditional membership experience.

We created a culture that treated everyone as equals, and built men up continuously instead of breaking them down.

We're also always interested in volunteers for hosting our singles events in Cambridge.

It's a great way of getting to know a lot of single people and it'll bring you closer to the heart of the RSVP membership base.

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