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Granville Island is just beyond the buildings in the bottom left and the Granville Street bridge is just beyond the view to the left.

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Orca social habits Orcas live and hunt in groups called "pods", which can include up to about 35 individual whales.Transportation for the installation of this camera provided by Way West Coastal Ventures, Campbell River's full service water taxi company.Vancouver Island Air would like to thank Vancouver Island web design company Chameleon Creative for all their work on this project.Each pod has its own unique noise that allows the orcas to communicate and recognize each other.Orcas, like dolphins, use eco-location to hunt their underwater prey.Sun, moderate temps in the low 20's and sunset bbq's on the beach to go well past pm. Some municipalities even enforce water restrictions as they are running out of water - this seems shocking given the events of the last 8 months. Either fly immediately to your preferred choice of Mexico/Hawaii/anywhere-but-here, or hope the freezing levels are low enough to enjoy what will probably be some of the best skiing of the year. Go to work in the dark & rain at 8 am, come home in the dark & rain at 4 pm. Get out there and pack a whole year's worth of adventures into one month. The gift from August usually lingers for the first half of September giving lots of sunny days. Images are provided as an additional source of information only and are not meant to replace official weather information.Actual conditions may differ due to the update frequency and/or optical distortion experienced at the individual sites.Welcome to the BC Highway Cams website, where you can view highway conditions, traffic, and weather information at a glance.To view BC Highway Cams, select one of the tabs below and click on a thumbnail.

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