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You know that everyone likes something different: some like to smell feet that have just been showered (i.e.

Foot can also be used instead of feet when mentioning a quantity and in front of words like tall: four foot of snow; he is at least six foot tall (Biography) Michael (Mackintosh).It's time enjoy this crazy collection of foot sniffing videos.You know that there's nothing quite like sniffing a girl's foot – everyone has different aroma, it makes you crazy. Our videos will make you earn for a nice big whiff of those sexy feet.Our Living Language In certain contexts, some people in New England and the South use constructions such as three foot and five mile in place of Standard English three feet and five miles.Some speakers extend this practice to measures of time, as in He was gone three year, though this is not as common.When I saw his delicious feet, I melted a second time. He said his feet were ticklish, but when the socks came off what he had to endure was nothing short of torture. My girlfriend’s feet are always squeaky clean cuz I polish them with my mouth and dick every night. Where pretty teens or gorgeous MILFs suck on each other toes and lick soles?When foot is combined with numbers greater than one to refer to simple distance, however, only the plural feet is used: a ledge 20 feet (not foot) away.At that speed, a car moves 88 feet (not foot) in a second.I am a Dominatrix and looking for some boy toys to use and abuse. Jacob is our newest model who is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

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