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With the MMGuardian Parental Control app for the i Phone®, i Pod touch® and i Pad® installed on your child’s device, you’ll have access to comprehensive remote device management capabilities at the MMGuardian Parent Web Portal.

The app can also function as a safe browser with web filtering and detailed web history reporting.

Family sharing allows you to share purchases among family members, use a shared photo library and family calendar, and easily share your location so you can find each other on a map. Here are some of the pros and cons of Apple Family Sharing.But the art of chatting is taking a very different direction and is entering the 21st century through the rise of the chatbot.It's likely that you've come across the term chatbot, but the nuances of the concept are less well known. A chatbot (also known as a chatterbot or talkbot) is a form of computer program that uses artificial intelligence to conduct conversation through auditory or textual means.It’s a free texting app that works similar to Snapchat, except parents have access to a dashboard where they can monitor their child’s texts.Social networking and video chatting apps can all be accessed on the i Pod Touch.Family sharing also allows for the creation of Apple ID’s for those under age thirteen. Create an Apple ID for children under 13 tied to the parent account Previously, kid’s devices either had to use a parent’s Apple ID, or you had to skirt the issue and fake a birthday when creating an account.Now, a new Apple ID can be created specifically for those under 13.I liked the Touch so much that I bought two of them, one for each of my boys; they really like them and it helped cure their itch for a smartphone.However, like with all technology, there are some issues with the i Pod Touch that you need to be aware of.These accounts are automatically set up to require the “Ask to Buy” feature (although you can turn this off if you’d like).So your 8-year old who wants to buy the latest greatest game will have to wait for your OK before he or she can download the app.

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