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Call if you're worried about something, feel upset or confused, or you just want to talk to someone. To deliver community programs that enhance the health and wellness of queer people and celebrate queer culture.At Opt we care about the healthy sexuality of all British Columbians.We offer sexual and reproductive health care, information, and education from a feminist, pro-choice, and sex positive perspective. Looking Glass Foundation for Eating Disorders Online peer support chat for individuals experiencing disordered eating, weight or body image issues. (Suicide Attempt Follow-up Education & Research) Provides counselling for people who are feeling suicidal or have attempted suicide, support and education for those concerned about loved ones at risk for suicide, and counselling for those who have lost someone to suicide.Katrina has fought tirelessly for the rights of sex workers, and in doing so, furthered Opt’s Vision: a society that celebrates healthy sexuality, its diversity of expression, and a positive sexual self-image for individuals throughout life.We could not imagine a more inspiring Sexual Health Champion. Options for Sexual Health is the largest non-profit sexual health care provider in Canada, and serves all ages, all genders, and all orientations.

Pregnancy Options Referral Service Free telephone service to help women with unintended pregnancies find support, information, and services as close to home as possible. Resources Pregnancy Options Line (operated by CARE @ BC Women's Hospital)For youth 12 to 21 requiring detox treatment services.To Support the health and wellbeing of trans communities in BC.We welcome all transgender-health related questions and concerns from individuals, families and others. To value women’s knowledge and to support one another to take charge of our own health.Most of the information on is also available in French on sister site, Crisis Centre of BC 1-800-784-2433Provides confidential, nonjudgmental, emotional support for people experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including feelings which may lead to suicide. The Rain City Housing family of programs includes emergency housing, transitional housing, women’s housing, long term housing, outreach programs, food services and community living support.Once an applicant and our staff determine which is the best housing program for that individual, the applicant is shortlisted.As Pivot's counsel on the Sex Workers United Against Violence and the Bedford cases, Katrina successfully argued the unconstitutionality of Canada's prostitution laws at the Supreme Court of Canada.Katrina's work increases awareness of sexual rights and her work on sex workers' rights is nothing short of inspirational.To provide education, training and resources on queer issues.To advocate for queer people and our communities through increased visibility, individual support, and information and referrals.

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