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And I have submitted two tickets, always directed to forums, bottom lone for me is I will not continue to play their games..sound similar I try to tell support that they computers are MUCH better at aiming and firing weapons than us humans are which is the equivalent of using an aim assist(which we can't use or we get in trouble) and that is what I call CHEATING how many people you know can fire up to 3 weapons at 3 different targets hit them and still steer a ship safely?? Having the same problem on two different PCs with both Wo T and Wo WS. Once you do this, you get to a point where the "Download Game" button on the Wargaming web page takes you to an error message "Can't reach this page".After months of not playing Wo WS i decided to play again and reinstall the game but when i get to updating the game via the launcher, it tells me: The data obtained from the update service is incorrect. if anyone needs a log file i will provide one Specs: Mac Book Pro Retina 15" (Early 2015) OSX 10.10 Yosemite Intel Core i5 @2.7GHz (Turbo Boost up to 3.3GHz) 256GB 8GB RAM Off the top of my head I would run as admin in case something is blocking the torrent port.(screenshot: I tried contacting WG support and they refer me here to the forums... If that doesn't work run a file integrity check which can be found on google.My SQL 5.7 is the most current release candidate of the popular open-source database.It offers new scalability features that should have you eager to make the change.On the low end, My SQL 5.7 also works out of the box on a 512 MB Digital Ocean Droplet (something that was not possible without configuration changes in My SQL 5.6).The new peak performance for a My SQL server is over 640K queries per second, and the memcached API, which speaks directly to the Inno DB storage engine, is capable of sustaining over 1.1 million requests per second.

You can copy data from an open worksheet and paste it into an Access datasheet, import a worksheet into a new or existing table, or link to a worksheet from an Access database.

As you proceed, remember that you can import data from only one worksheet at a time.

You cannot import all the data from a whole workbook at the same time.

Note: Since the My SQL service's control, logs and configuration file's location is different on the different operating systems, this article provides general command examples only.

Check the following articles for additional information regarding My SQL on different operating systems: [Linux] Local My SQL server for all databases [Windows] Local My SQL server for customers' databases [Windows] Local My SQL server for Plesk-related databases (psa, apsc, horde) For additional information check your operating system and My SQL documentation.

Before you rush to run , though, you should make sure you're prepared. One major change in My SQL 5.7 is that data integrity has been improved to be more in line with what veteran developers and DBAs expect.

Previously, My SQL would adjust incorrect values to the closest possible correct value, but under the new defaults it will instead return an error.

noone as far as I know but the programmers have it set up so their ships can. Several people are apparently having this problem with both games.

also the moronic programmers need to redo targeting. Appears to have something to do with the auto updater they just rolled out.

The error message "Incorrect data entered" may appear when you enter the single-use code from the code generator when logging in.

This error message means that your Bank ID is not activated for all services, but only applies when logging in to your online bank.

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