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Chatbots4u is still up and running, but a quick look at their website has me wondering what direction they’re heading in.Chatbots4u apparently offers hosting services for business-focused intelligent assistants, but the site’s primary goal seems to be to offer a free platform for the creation and hosting of recreational chatbots.Berufsberatung, Rezeptideen oder Nachrichten - diese Bots musst Du unbedingt mal ausprobieren!Wie praktisch wäre es eigentlich, wenn Du gleich nach dem Aufstehen eine Nachricht mit der Wettervorhersage für den Tag bekommst? Wer das einmal weiß, ist der Lösung schon recht nahe.Most chatbots are limited by the fact that their creator...Chat Bot App Development Explained [Articles] - If earlier chatbots were small entertainment features for the people who are interested in new technologies, now it is almost the most important function f...As I noted last year, the Chatbots4u platform seems to be aimed at a younger, international crowd.At the time, the most popular chatbots were clones of teen idols like Justin Bieber. Neither of those chatter bot instantiations were sexpots, in terms of their conversational databases. Cortana is based on the Halo video game character, who clearly.

“Julia” ist die virtuelle Beraterin, die seit November 2013 die Kunden des Supportbereichs von Kabel Deutschland begrüßt.Este prototipo, llamado Ariel, es capaz de inter...Artificial Intelligence [Chatbots - English] - A series of articles on Artificial Intelligence.Was ein Bot aber im Chat schreibt, muss vorher von Menschen festgelegt worden sein.Und da liegt oft noch das Problem: Wenn Du mit einem Bot kommunizierst, versteht er nur, was genauso einprogrammiert wurde.In February of 2013, I wrote a blog post about how to create a virtual agent / intelligent assistant for your business.At the time, I presented my findings about two virtual agent technology companies that I’d researched: My Cber Twin and Chatbots4'Chatbot' king George looks for human friends on the internet [Articles] - George appears on the Web site takes the form of a thin, bald man with yellow glasses who wears a white turtleneck sweater. AIMLpad at Source Forge [AIML / Pandorabots] - AIMLpad is an AIML chatbot program with extra features for the bot developer.Includes a scripting language (besides AIML) and includes features to use the...Bieber still seems to be popular, but the site is now overrun with an explosion of barely clad girlfriend bots. The disembodied intelligent assistant Samantha exudes female sexuality and uses her charms to arouse and satisfy her male end user.A recent peek led me to believe that the site is no longer G or even PG-rated, if you get my drift. All of this evidence leads to an obvious question: is it a wide-spread “nerdy guy” fantasy to engage in explicitly adult conversation with a computer software program masquerading as Venus?

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