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Although I don’t want to spend the majority of a date defending my stomach’s disdain for pizza, I accepted the fact that this may be a reality of dating in this day in age.Diet has become the new deal-breaker - and I’m not the only one who has noticed.After some initial frustration that potential matches were a geographical challenge, we discovered not only each other but that we both live in Arizona which made it easy to meet up for dinner and a more complete conversation.We have found that our values are amazingly very similar and form the basis for what we both feel is a deep soul-level connection.

It’s as intimate as you can get without taking your clothes off, she explains.

I really am one of those lunatics who actually desire to eat steamed veggies on a daily basis. I really am one of those lunatics who actually desires to eat steamed veggies on a daily basis. xoxo Just wanted to quickly thank the amazing health website Mind Body Green for publishing my protein bar recipe! They aren’t completely vegan, but can be adjusted accordingly.

It’s one of my favorite, go-to health websites and I was very happy to see my recipe on it a few weeks ago.

Popular online dating website Plenty of Fish recently surveyed the 10 most health conscious cities in North America, looking for insight into how singles view fitness and diet, along with how these lifestyle choices impact their decision-making when it comes to dating.

Considering every second dating profile I’ve come across lately is composed of 90% hyphens (Yes, vegan-paleo-gluten-free-bi-sexual-single-dad who loves yoga and crossfit, I’m looking at you), it doesn’t surprise me that Vancouver made the list.

It seems singles aren’t willing to sacrifice sizzling steaks for a lifetime of salads.

More than three-quarters of Canadians would dump a vegetarian if forced to choose between their relationship and meat, according to a recent survey by dating site Elite Singles.

The decadently dark chocolate torta topped with salty, candied hazelnuts at Edmonton’s famed Corso 32 restaurant." A Valentines treat for anytime. It's all about owner/head chef Daniel Costa and his food.

Corso 32 takes its place as one of the city’s most exciting and satisfying places for a serious meal.

However, what’s interesting is that the survey suggests that when it comes to dating and dietary restrictions, Torontonians might be even pickier than their West Coast counterparts.

Compared to Vancouver, almost twice as many Torontonians surveyed are on a gluten-free or low carb diet.

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