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The ONLY way to get money out of politics is to roll back the involvement of the Federal Government such that there is no longer an advantage in buying off every single fucking representative in Washington from the President to the Presidential Toilet Cleaner. This US system is rotten to the core by the power of the lobbies and nothing will change until the whole edifice crumbles under its own weight.Mike Maloney's last episode of"Hidden Secrets of Money" has been released... If that doesn't happen in two days, it'll happen soon enough regardless of all the current drama.you could use yourself because it really pissed me off.

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After a weekend of base-rallying at Netroots Nation, progressives had a bummer of a Tuesday on Congress' first full day since the conference. The Education Secretary objected to Democrats rescinding 0 million from one of his pet reform projects to pay for billion in aid for teachers.Capehart's mother continued to put Ratigan in his place, telling him her son is not a "clown" or "a kid at a birthday party." We imagine mothers everywhere watching and firmly nodding their heads in agreement.A thoroughly chastised Ratigan could do nothing but apologize.It's been a while since Dylan Ratigan made some headlines but the farce under way in Washington reminded us of his epic 'falling over the edge' rant from 2011.In a Santelli-esque rage, Ratigan loses it over the banking, trade, and taxation that is draining America of everything and how nothing will ever change as the Congress is completely bought-off. Once refreshing and highly informative television, Marcus Lemonis' "The Profit" has run its course. But any small business receiving 0,000 as well as Marcus Lemonis' connections should be able to boost revenue. Occasionally, sales bumps on the program are mentioned.Did we hear something about some leaked documents the other day? "DISCLOSE" ACT FAILS IN SENATE - After Joe Lieberman knocked the Democrats' numbers down to 58 by missing the vote -- citing personal reasons -- any chance to break a filibuster on legislation that would partially remedy the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling was all but lost..lose it did, 57 to 41."Supporters vowed to try again after the August recess, arguing that changes are possible to attract GOP support.After some initial conversation in which Ratigan tried to be self-deprecating, Capehart's mother unloaded this masterpiece of indignation: The whole thing was offensive because, you know what, I thought it was mean, disrespectful, an invasion of his privacy and personal space.And my question to you is do you have cameras in the bathroom, or in the dressing room? Because if you wanted to make a fool out of someone...

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