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The Buddha's cousin Ananda asked if there was any reason women could not realize enlightenment and enter Nirvana as well as men.The Buddha admitted there was no reason a woman could not be enlightened.Wanna do a weekend program where you learn how to calm and open your mind to...reality?Buddhism--tested over 2,500 years in dozens of diverse cultures--is worth a go.To make sense of the multiple forms of spectatorial engagement facilitated by these scrolls, this presentation will bring them into dialogue with contemporaneous poems that describe imaginative acts of entering painted worlds and with liturgies that prescribe the performative inhabitation of other subject positions.

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Even in that branch of the Chan / Zen / Sŏn tradition, however, the test of awakening is the ability to comment appropriately on kōans, showing that one gets the point and understands the meaning of each particular "old case." Foulk argues that kōan literature in general is grounded in the Mahāyāna doctrines of "emptiness" and "two truths," and that the sayings of individual Zen masters found therein do, in fact, embody a certain logic.How are we to understand these scrolls’ insistence on acts of viewing, and how might Song worshippers have responded?Through their practice of gazing, do these arhats merely model for us how we ought to look, or are other motivations at work?According to the Pali Vinaya and other early scriptures, the Buddha originally refused to ordain women as nuns.He said that allowing women into the sangha would cause his teachings to survive only half as long –- 500 years instead of a 1,000.There is gender inequality in most of the world's religions, of course, but that's no excuse.Is sexism intrinsic to Buddhism, or did Buddhist institutions absorb sexism from Asian culture?Can Buddhism treat women as equals, and remain Buddhism?Let's begin at the beginning, with the historical Buddha."Women, Ananda, having gone forth are able to realize the fruit of stream-attainment or the fruit of once-returning or the fruit of non-returning or arahantship," he said. Some historians argue that this story was an invention written into scriptures later, by an unknown editor.Thursday, April 20, 2017, 5 pm The Logic of Zen Kōans T.

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