Delphi updating tcustomadapter axctrls


For example, when updating a multi-table join or a stored procedure that represents data from multiple datasets, you must provide one TUpdate SQL object for each table you want to update.

When using multiple update objects, you cannot simply associate the update object with the dataset by setting the Update Object property. On Update Record event handler (when using the BDE to cache updates).

To you and the two people who up-voted this so far: I know that opening the Delphi help from the IDE is a bit slow, but it should still be faster than asking on SO and waiting for answers.

Answers that can hardly do anything but quoting from the [email protected] Of course.

I would really appreciate some help, as I have to present this project, in a working state, tomorrow morning.

I have trimmed my code (as it is very long), but the problem is still evident.

If the Control Style property includes cs Opaque, the control paints itself directly.

Otherwise, the Repaint method calls the Invalidate method and then the Update method so that any visible portions of controls beneath the control will be repainted as well.

As Integer := Round(100 / (rugby Championship Games Predicted currie Cup Games Predicted)*(rugby Championship Games Correct currie Cup Games Correct) ((rugby Championship Games Almost currie Cup Games Almost)/2)); sql Query Update.

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Call Update to force the control to be repainted before any more, possibly time-consuming, processing takes place.

Use Update to provide immediate feedback to the user that cannot wait for the Windows paint message to arrive.

As Integer := rugby Championship Games Correct currie Cup Games Correct; sql Query Update. Create Param(ft Unknown, 'par Games Almost', pt Unknown).

As Integer := rugby Championship Games Predicted currie Cup Games Predicted; sql Query Update. Create Param(ft Unknown, 'par Games Correct', pt Unknown).

Update does not invalidate the control, but simply forces a repaint of any regions that have already been invalidated.

Call Repaint instead to invalidate the control as well.

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