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Perhaps they are for hire as a copywriter, have a blog about copywriting, have a newsletter about copywriting, have written a book about copywriting, have a specific course about copywriting, etc.

They either write copy for a living or they teach it The list of great copywriters over the last 100 years would also make for a very big list.

Trying to get something "off her..." Trying to "get to home base..." Trying to "score..." But then I had one of those "flashbulb" moments when I was 18 that would forever change the way I thought about this whole "sex" thing.

I had my girlfriend Lynn over, and she told me something that I will never forget... We love doing it with guys." I asked her: "So why is it such a big deal for chicks to give it up?

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Tucker Max, 33, six feet tall, extrovertedly good-looking, and usually photographed latched to a girl, a bottle of booze, or a cheeseburger, is an honors graduate (in three years) of the University of Chicago.

" And she said: "Because if we gave it to you for free, it would be . We just want you to work a little for it." I thought about what she said, because while it was very simple and obvious, her words also had some wisdom that was very easy to overlook.

If guys are essentially playing a game to get the same thing that women want, then it's not all "bad" is it?

CARLOS XUMA'S DESK: Wednesday PM Hey, I've got something uncomfortable I need to admit, and it has to do with why most guys aren't as successful with women as they want. But first, let me ask you something: Well, let me tell you, you're not alone... Seduction is a very controversial and charged word, and it carries a lot of baggage with it.

The dictionary defines seduction as: ." Any way you look at it, seduction sounds like something BAD.

After all, there is £34,000 worth of us sitting here.

My sister dubbed Matthew the ‘Derren Brown of dating’, as if I’ve been hypnotised by hope; a silly woman conned into emptying hundreds out of my bank account.

Here is my list of the best copywriters and copywriting resources.

If you’re an aspiring copywriter, these are the people you should be following, learning and swiping from Here are the 3 main criteria for the people/resources you’ll find on this list…

He has a law degree from Duke University, whose admissions committee was so impressed with his academic record that it awarded him an academic scholarship.

Yet his only experience practicing law to date has consisted of getting fired from a ,400-a-week summer-associate job at a prestigious Silicon Valley firm for, among other things, showing up intoxicated at the orientation meeting and complaining that he couldn’t see anything because he had lost his contacts in a hookup with a girl he had met at a party the night before; informing a female recruiter at the firm that he was “calling a porn line” when she walked into his office unexpectedly; and getting fall-down drunk at a firm retreat and shouting the F-word at a charity auction attended by the partners and their spouses.

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