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When you live out your life through social media you’re not living in the moment.You’re also providing way too many details about yourself without realizing it.With the rise of online dating, it is extremely rare to meet someone in real life; it's not like how it used to be.Sure, you're looking really good in the bar and that guy keeps staring at you, but just expect a text message later; there's no way he'll confront you.

(a) A person commits an offense if the person, a registered sex offender, knowingly is or becomes a member of an online dating/social media website.This opens the door for exes, Facebook stalkers, and all kinds of online trouble that just may kill your relationship before it even starts.Almost everyone has a Facebook account nowadays, which means if you meet someone special they can check out your old swooning posts and love notes to an ex flame.It’s more uncomfortable and annoying than PDA—it’s SMDA: Social media displays of affection. Nowadays everything goes up on social media before whatever event you’re posting about has even come to its conclusion.If Ellen Degeneres’ Oscar tweet-seen-round-the-world taught us anything, it’s that people are listening even if they don’t want to.Not feeling appreciated because your significant other doesn't post pictures of you every day on social media? Either way, social media has acted as a lens that perpetuates insecurity and dishonesty in our relationships.Social media will have you overthinking things you never even thought bothered you. Maybe take a scroll through Twitter and see those subtweets, or maybe they favorited a specific someone's tweet.Now that is not only going to make you overthink everything, but it is also going to irritate you. Because you were creeping and saw that they liked someone's tweet? Dating is up to interpretation, which is the trickiest part; it means something different to every person. Or are we just having fun and it's nothing serious?Well, that's hard to explain and makes it seem like you don't really trust your significant other. Literally anything is possible in the realm of dating. Waiting three hours to text back to make yourself seem hard to get -- why don't we just do what feels right instead of obsessing over what the other person thinks of us?(b) An offense under this section is a five year sentence for each online dating/social media website that the registered sex offender is found to be a member of, and to prohibit a registered sex offender from possession, access, ownership of an electronic device that transmits or connects the electronic device to access the internet.Help in supporting this very important issue by showing that you agree that registered sex offenders should be prohibited from being a member of an online dating/social media website, by signing our petition!

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