To avoid crossing nations internally the line deviates to pass around the far east of Russia and various island groups in the Pacific. Matthew Island, until it passes midway between the United States' Aleutian Islands and Russia's Commander Islands before returning southeast to 180°.

The date becomes one day later as one travels across it in western direction, and one day earlier as one travels across it in eastern direction.

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Standard call charges apply; and depending on location, the usual cost is .95 for the first minute thence 55c for every additional minute.

So when travelling across the line, one's watch has to be adjusted 20–24 hours, depending on the time zones.

For example, New Zealand is twelve hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time while Hawaii is ten hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.

Two uninhabited atolls, Howland Island and Baker Island, just north of the equator in the central Pacific Ocean, have the latest time on Earth of UTC− hours, along with ships at sea between 172.5°W and 180°.

The date line then circumscribes the country of Kiribati by swinging far to the east, almost reaching the 150° meridian.

Crossing the Line repeatedly by circumnavigation in a spacecraft or supersonic airplane is a method of Time travel into the future, or into the past.

Another feature of the Line is that time does not flow when one is situated on the Line.

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