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“There are some people who deeply and basically dislike theories and are hostile to speculations.These are usually unsure people who, whirling in uncertainties, try to steady themselves by grabbing and tightly holding on to facts.Bob had trouble trusting women or the church for years after that and Sara's dating prospects dried up once word got out about what she was doing.

Parahia’s pupil, relying on the support of Epiphanius, who sets the birth of Jesus in the reign of Alexander (Jannaeus) and Alexandra, that is, in the time of Ben Parahia or Ben Tabai.

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Kimball:"My brothers and sisters, today we not only celebrate the Sesquicentennial of the organization of the Church, but also the greatest event in human history since the birth of Christ on this day 1,980 years ago. Kimball, “Remarks and Dedication of the Fayette, New York, Buildings,” Ensign, May 1980, 54)Elder Bruce R. Mc Conkie:“Apparently Christ was born on the day corresponding to April 6 (D&C 20:1), but the saints nevertheless join in the wholesome portions of the Christmas celebration. Eldon Tanner:"April is truly a historic month in which we commemorate two of the most important events in the history of mankind: the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and the reestablishment of his church and kingdom here upon the earth in these, the latter days.

Mc Conkie:"On the false assumption that Christianity had its beginning with our Lord's mortal ministry, his birth was chosen to mark the beginning of the so-called Christian Era. Christmas becomes to them an ideal opportunity to renew their search for the true spirit of Christ and to center their attentions again on the true doctrine of his birth as the Son of an Immortal Father.”(Mormon Doctrine, pp.132-33)Elder Bruce R. Members of the Church also believe that Christ was born on April 6 in the year 1 b.c. Eldon Tanner, “Resurrection and Restoration,” Ensign, Apr 1971, 2)Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Seminary Manual:"Doctrine and Covenants 20:1—Why the Sixth of April?

The Shroud of Turin (Turin Shroud), a linen cloth that tradition associates with the crucifixion and burial of Jesus, has undergone numerous scientific tests, the most notable of which is radiocarbon dating, in an attempt to determine the relic's authenticity. Shredding the samples would not solve the problem, while making it much more difficult and wasteful to clean the samples properly.

In 1988, scientists at three separate laboratories dated samples from the Shroud to a range of AD 1260–1390, which coincides with the first certain appearance of the shroud in the 1350s and is much later than the burial of Jesus. Samples were taken on April 21, 1988 in the Cathedral by Franco Testore, an expert on weaves and fabrics, and by Giovanni Riggi, a representative of the maker of bio-equipment "Numana".

To such a person a theory is a lie until it is proven and then it becomes a truth or a fact.

But there's no joy in it.” -John Steinbeck, Journal of a Novel: The East of Eden Letters So what do most scholars think about the dying-and-rising gods or the Jewish conception of Jesus?

And it is getting to be even sadder because facts have a way of changing nowadays, at least of changing their implications. Speculation or theory-making on the other hand is simply a little game of pattern-making of the mind.

The theory hater cannot believe that it is important.

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