Dating the metta sutta langru


A total of 23,500 Renminbi (S,695.30) was handed to Venerable Dao Dun from Singapore's Hai Inn Monastery.

The sum will be distributed to poor Sangha members in Gansu province during Ven Dao Dun's trip to the place in June 2007.

Parayana Vagga Its Antiquity The Vatthu Gatha Uraga Vagga Culla and Maha Vaggas Vol.2.1,1977,pp.l4-41: The Uraga Sutta The Khaggavisana Sutta The Muni Sutta Vol.2.2, 1977, pp.86-105: The Parabhava Sutta The Vasala Sutta The Mahamangala Sutta The Metta Sutta The Ratana Sutta Vol.2.3, 1977, pp.141-58: The Yakkha Ballads Hemavata Sutta Alavaka and Suciloma Suttas The Yakkha-legend (Alavaka) External Evidence The Pastoral Ballads Dhaniya Sutta Language and Syntax Style Metre Doctinal Developments External Evidence Kasibharadvaja Sutta External Evidence Vol.3.1,1978,pp.3-19: The Narrative Ballads Pabbajja Sutta Padhana Sutta Nalaka Sutta External Evidence The Nalaka-dsicourse Vol.3.2, 1978, pp.45-64: Some Suttas from the Atthaga Vagga Kama Sutta The Atthakas Jara Sutta Magandhiya Sutta Pucchas from the Parayana Vagga Ajitamanavaka-Puccha Linguistic and other Internal Evidence The Other Puchas The Apadana and Sixteen Manavas Reference in other works Vol 3.3, 1978, pp.100-113: General Observations and Conclusions Vedic and Dialectic Variations Conclusions Postcript are treated as independent articles. names of persons, localities, titles, and the like, each person, locality, title being treated as independent article. A comparison of the linguistic peculiarities of the various parts of the Sutta Nipdta with Vedic, the language of the Brdhmanas, Pali of the got/id-literature, Canonical prose, and Classical Sanskrit helps in some degree to fix the relative dates of the suttas.

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We can suggest to find out scholars to work in their individual capacity, apart from the centre or centres, in different countries of the world and if possible, to set up more and more centres where the retired college and university teachers will work as whole- timers with the assistance of the whole-timer research assistants and collaborators. It was subsequently serialised in the Ceylon University Review — 1943-67 — in its issues January 1948 to April 1951.) Abbreviations h—Anguttara Nikaya (PTS, 6 vols. It is certain that at least its last two vaggas had a separate existence prior to their being incorporated in the Sutta Nipata, for there are numerous references to them in Pali, Buddhist 75 Sanskrit and Chinese works, with no mention of the Sutta Nipdta at all. The developments and modify cations that earlier existing metres have undergone in Pali may lead to some valuable information; but such changes invariably have their parallels in earlier Sanskritic literature. Next comes tristubh metre, which is employed in 374, stanzas.

Regardless of our plans and our vision of where we will end up, life has its own agenda, taking us down roads we never even knew existed.

I never dreamed that my life would someday lead me from hearing about Saudi Arabia on the nightly news to actually living there.

- the following are the sutras that we have printed for Buddhist communities in the region who do not have the financial means to do so.

We would like to thank our supporters for their generosity all these years.

In Myanmar, the period June to February is the raining season where farmers and adult members of the family go out to work in the fields.

Their young children are often left on their own to play in the rain, or are looked after by their older siblings, thus depriving the latter of a chance to go to school for their education.

Behind him, chanting to the beat of a drum, would stream 200-300 laymen, monks and nuns, walking across Cambodia for peace.

Though Ghosananda led these , or “Pilgrimages of Truth” in the early 1990s, well after the signing of peace accords to end a civil war between the remnants of the murderous Khmers Rouges and the new, Vietnamese-backed Cambodian government, he often found war still raging.

Humidity would mist his glasses and slick his bald head with sweat.

His orange monk's robes, hitched up to show stout boots and socks, would tangle in the bushes.

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