Dating someone you find unattractive

It’s supported by reams of sociological research.’ A man who finds it unattractive when a woman is successful is not a man you want to be with. ‘Overly cheery/peppy/upbeat – not in an “immediately annoying” way, but if it were my actual personality I could see it wearing on people.’ We can’t all be miserable. ‘Too much perfume.’ We didn’t spend £100 on this bottle for people not to smell it. ‘I get tired of the female hard body kick ass leather boots and jacket TV shows. ‘Personally I don’t like nail polish, I’m OK with any colour EXCEPT red.’ Thank god you said, we were about to go all out rouge on our toes – crisis averted. User Liquiditi was one of the only people talking sense in the thread, saying: ‘Honestly this type of thread is kind of pointless isn’t it?

‘High heel shoes…they are impractical and will cripple her making her a liability in the future…’ Sorry, what? ‘I’m surprised nobody has mentioned a high-powered career. Turning down a guy’s advances so as not to seem too easy.’ Ever considered it’s ‘cos we just…didn’t want to? ‘Damn, I cannot stand high waist pants.’ Damn, we love ’em. ‘I find it weird that girls spend most of their time trying to make other girls think they’re attractive, rather than guys.’ Maybe ‘cos we’re not the competitive b*tches you think we are, we care more if a fellow female likes our dress than if a guy on Reddit does, because goddammit, women have better taste. Bright and/or bold lip colours You have no idea how fun it is choosing which colour lip to go with, and you probably never will. ‘Taking nothing but selfies on Instagram, yeah you look good but if you literally show me that you don’t have anything to offer besides good looks I can’t respect you.’ Yeah, fair enough.

Luckily, the comments only represent the views of a handful of the male species on the world wide web, and not the hopefully less misogynistic versions we all know and love.

I much prefer the flowery dresses from the past.’ We’ll get back in the kitchen, shall we? Everyone has different tastes so things girls do will make them attractive to some men and not to others.’ Hear, hear.

Final turnoff – bad trainers.” 2) “Narrow shoulders, long nails, moobs, lazy eye, stingy with money.” 3) “I am Italian and this is what I find unattractive about men: the ageing lothario or as we say in Italy ‘vecchio sporcaccione’ – a guy who used to be a ‘gigolo’ and still thinks he is, with the wet look (I mean greasy) mullet hairstyle swept back.

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so my question is how can you go about dating someone who your not that attracted to but scared to loose them because your scare you wount meet someone else who wiill treat you that way. You need to start learning how to give to them..... I would rather date someone that i wasnt physically attracted to and be treated right than date someone that I was attracted to and treated me wrong ... Mostly because they were so lucky to have me because I'm so pretty. Such benevolence in a person is hard to come by, but I had it. Truthfully, I've always felt fulfilled, committed to my civic duty of allowing these offenses to society to feel significantly better about themselves and their place in the world. And for the first time in my life, I know what I want: A Hot Guy. I think it's a shame when a person can publicly come onto a site to tell the whole world how they REALLY feel about a person...can't say it directly to their face..... Angl Flyn If he changed the way he dressed, is there a chance you might like him then? I think you should let him go as gently as possible, and keep your hopes up for another guy who you're attracted to AND will treat you right.I think you're gotta have both to make it last and make it really meaningful. You can date someone you find physically unattractive IF you are upfront with your intentions (i.e., if you tell your suitor that your relationship will NEVER be more than a platonic friendship).By having Pretty Me by their side, these hamburglars could get what truly matters in life, what they could never get on their own because they're so ugly -- envy from their peers, better tables at restaurants, the total myth of the faint hope of the possibility of an even more attractive next girlfriend. But after spending most of my twenties lost in rolls of fat, suffocated by stinky ugly man farts and the resentment that often builds between the Pretty and the Ugly, I've decided that being a selfless humanitarian is just overrated. Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...I need a guy confident in himself who knows what he wants and knows how to make me interested.If you’re nervous with sweaty palms, sorry but I don’t find that cute. I know it’s a fine line but it’s imperative you don’t come across as an arrogant baboon.

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