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Picture this: You’re by yourself in a restaurant that serves your favorite foods.

But they only give you chopsticks, and you have no idea how to use them.

Both sexes should share the load Spend a day in the shoes of a male who put himself out there and was rejected and then maybe you’ll have the perspective to see why some men don’t approach women in public and result to social media dating sites [“Seattle’s dysfunctional dating scene,” Opinion, June 8].

The sting of rejection is painful and its effects can last much longer than just a night.

It’s not that I can’t get dates but it’s harder to find women that are a good match for me.

Online, it’s been harder to catch women’s attention, harder to get them to schedule a date and they cancel dates more frequently.

PS ~ Interracial dating is definitely accepted here.seattle has alot of beautiful women GOOD LORD big club bar scene downtown.

I am curious to know because I've heard mixed opinions.

The dating scene can be difficult enough under normal circumstances, but things are very tough for straight men in Seattle these days — and Amazon’s growth is contributing to the problem.

That’s the contention of Jeff Reifman, a veteran of the Seattle-area tech community who makes his case in this blog post, pairing census data with estimates of Amazon’s growth in the city.

When we do meet in person, it’s been harder to capture their interest and nearly impossible to find one interested in a relationship.

The women here seem more distracted than ever before and at times, I’ve felt like a number to them.

Amazon’s workforce is 75 percent male, according to

That’s consistent with the gender ratio at Microsoft and other tech companies, as well.

Rejection time and again can take the life of once optimistic dating enthusiasts. How about instead of binding ourselves to the archaic system of “man must approach women,” we strive for a more egalitarian dating scene in which a woman approaching a man is just as normal as the opposite.

It isn’t fair to expect men to be the initiators all of the time.

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