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Table Of Contents Part I: Welcome [1]: About The Author [2]: Document Licence Agreement [3]: Site Licence Agreement [4]: Contact Me [5]: Disclaimer Part II: About This FAQ [1]: FAQ Statistics [2]: Version History [3]: Other Guides By The Author Part III: The Walkthrough Chapter I: Game Basics [1]: Characters [2]: Moving Through San Andreas a. Work your way through killing SWAT and picking up ammunition.

Head towards the red blip, killing any Ballas that get in your way. Eventually, he will be needing a funeral at this place. I recommend killing all the SWAT out the front of the building, as they drop money and ammunition.

Go inside, and make your way through to the kitchen.

haha, funny question, but i'll answer for you cause i'm a little gamer myself, and all of us who've played that game have wondered it before playing. Well, first you gotta spot the hooker, some women just look like hookers but aren't, you will learn to spot them. Generally you will see the car shaking, jumping around, and your money will go down a bit or health will raise sometimes (i kinda forget all the details).

Doberman -------------------------------------------------- Difficulty **** This mission is the introduction to gang warfare. Take out a group of Ballas while of foot to start a gang war. Now kill the Ballas fool Reward: Respect Mini-Guide To Gang Wars Sorry to say it, but real gang wars aren't as easy as the one you just encountered. You will need to recruit a few gang members, and be tactical. Drive to the funeral, and climb over the fence to meet your gang.

Reward: None [8]: Sweet 2 -------------------------------------------------- Sweet can be found at his house again, but for the first mission, you need to go to Ammunation in Market [8]a. Once you take the hood, your gang members will be found in it. Also, territories come under attack, so you will need to defend them when they flash red. Los Sepulcos -------------------------------------------------- Difficulty: *** Sweet wants sweet revenge on the Ballas, so he decides that one of the most powerful Ballas, Kane should die.

The mission can be repeated any time by entering a Broadway car and pressing the action key.

Upon completion of the pimping missions, prostitutes will pay CJ to sleep with them, plus the mission is mandatory for 100% completion.

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Grab the Fire Extinguisher to make your way up, and then down with the girl. Gray Imports -------------------------------------------------- Difficulty: **** Officer Tenpenny makes you aware of a deal going down between the Ballas and the Russians at the Docks. Make a few passes taking out men, and Forklifts (shoot the explosive barrels on the front of them) by either drive-by or hit and run.

Drive up to a chick,honk your horn or go in front of her in your car,she will then say want a good time honey? ' Then while still in the car press right on the buttons to the far left of the controller (Directional buttons) and she will amediatley run and hop in (doesn't work on bikes) if you don't move she'll say 'we need to find a place more sucluded.

" , then push the right button on the pad,u then need to go to a private place and then the Wonder happens! You have to drive near a prostitute, (either the blonde one with a mini top on and a really short red checked skirt with high socks on or the brunette with the short hair and only wearing a metallic bra and a skirt) and then drive to a place with no one there, like a field or behind some shops, and then she'll say "This seems and ok place."Stop enywhere just wait. Now go to any place where there's ecceptable ammaunt of people (closest to none) about 30 metres of no people) she'll say 'this seems like an ok place' the car will rock left and right. 'Done wasting my time on you' enyway you will lose money but you can kill her to get it back. You drive your car up to the prostitute then honk your horn she will walk up and ask you if you wany her you click yes then you drive in a ally way and there is three different choices(I would advise you to run her over and kill her after she gets out so you can get your money back)You just get a car make sure you have a few hundred dollars and stop next to a prostitute looking woman and when she says looking for a good time honey you press the positive button(the right button) when she gets in you drive to a quite place and off she goes (don't try too look it won't let you)Just get a car go up to a hooker, honk, shell sau you lookin for a g good time honey? She will get in you drive to a place where thre is no peeps. Verry easy first get a car next make the sex appeal:code of the sex appeal:circle,triangle,triangle,up,circle, R1, L2,up,triangle, L1, L1, L1 next a prossitute will prompt you inside in your car and you click RIGHT darts thats it all Just drive up to her in a car and stop next to her. " and you should press y (in PC) or d-pad right (on playstation 2) then drive to an area without people and press the button again.

During the drive home, Denise recognizes CJ as being Sweet's brother, and asks him why he moved away to Liberty City, to which CJ denies her belief that he "ran away from home".

She also informs CJ of having been in Vagos territory as she likes to "live dangerously", indicating she could work as a prostitute.

Upon collecting a prostitute after a successful session, she will give CJ a $ 300 cut off her fee.

The more times the player does this without stopping or failing the mission, the greater the "multiplying" factor, so after two drop offs the cut CJ receives is doubled to 0, after three it is tripled to 0 and ,500 for 10 completed drives.

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| / \ _/\_ / \ Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas / \ | | FAQ / Walkthrough | | _|__| | Version 1.3 _| | / | |__ By Michael Sarich | \| | | / \_ [email protected]| \ | | | \_ Released Tuesday 9th November 2004 ___| \| | | \ Copyright(C) 2004 Michael Sarich / | \ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | YES. SOME ARE STILL IN NOTE FORM, BUT I WILL BE HAPPY TO E-MAIL YOU A PROPER STRATEGY. I WILL INCLUDE _EVERY_ MISSION SOON ALSO SEND IN ANYTHING RELEVANT: ALTERNATE STRATEGIES, CAR SPAWN LOCATIONS ETC. Kill the rest of the Ballas, jump in the Admiral with Sweet, and drive back to Grove Street. Reuiniting The Families -------------------------------------------------- Difficulty: ****** First, drive your crew over to the meet point. Go inside, and note that you can replenish your health via the vending machine.

2nd, be in a car (not motorcycle), drive slowly up to the girl on the side, if she starts walking towards your car, then you may be on the right track. Once she's in the car, find a dark area to drive into, she won't do it in the open areas. Anyways once she's done she'll get out of the car, and that's it.

I always used to kill the hooker and get my money back. Anyways, you don't see anything from what i know, it's just the car shaking and honestly it's a waste of time, but it's funny the first few times you do it.

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