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Nine times out of ten, they “met” their soldier on a social networking site, such as Facebook, or an online dating site.

Even in special operations, he’ll have an APO address.

In the last few years Marx has also found time to write for other artists, most recently Keith Urban (with whom he scored Urban’s #1 smash “Long Hot Summer”), Jennifer Nettles, Sara Bareilles and the upcoming release by Vince Gill.

Across all formats, he has scored an amazing total of 14 number one singles, both as a performer and a songwriter/producer, making him a true multi-talented threat who continues to challenge himself and his fans.

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Please join me as we try to put an end to this disease. This Greatest Hits tour will take Richard and his band to various cities throughout the United States, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Australia, and Japan.

The Prohibition and the Great Depression of the 1920s and '30s were lucrative times for outlaws like Al Capone and John Dillinger. Wooded and rural, Wisconsin was popular among Chicago-based gangsters for its isolation.

Charismatic and successful, they were polarizing figures unpopular with the FBI and local police – the honest ones, anyway. The state played host to a number of infamous figures including Capone and Dillinger, a history mined by Michael Mann's movie, .

If you don’t want to read the rest of this article, there is one surefire way to know if your soldier is fake: If a soldier you’re “dating” online asks you for money for ANY reason, it’s a scam. What he really means is she’s going to be his next victim. He is in a special operations unit and therefore cannot share any information with you.

And he is the one who just happened to find her while he was looking around and decided she’s going to be his future wife.

Dillman's Bay Resort - Lac du Flambeau Cabin 5 was used by Baby Face Nelson as a hideout following his escape from the FBI shootout at the Little Bohemia Lodge.

Norwood Pines Supper Club - Minocqua A popular gangster dinner spot, Norwood Pines still operates as a restaurant surrounded by stately red pines, views of Patricia Lake and grazing whitetail deer.

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